Mistakes to Avoid Baking a Cake

14 Mistakes To Avoid When Baking a Cake

Do you know what goes well with special occasions?

Yummy and delicious cakes that someone made with love and healthy ingredients!

Cakes are what make an ordinary party feel special. It symbolizes generosity and the act of sharing happiness with each other.

However, cake baking isn’t an easy skill to acquire. Even the silliest mistakes might have a chance to drive you to the brink of madness and make you lose your confidence!

From novice bakers to professional ones, everyone makes mistakes. To save you from some of the common cake failures, here we have gathered 14 mistakes to avoid when baking a cake so that you end up with fewer flops in the future!

14 Mistakes That You Need To Avoid And Their Fixes

Mistake 1: Inaccurate Measurement

While you are busy mixing the cake batter and heating milk in the oven at the same time, it’s easy to forget to measure the ingredients correctly!

However, this mistake will cost you dearly in the end as the taste and texture of the cake depend solely on the ratio of the ingredients you are using.

How To Fix It:

The trick is to get organized beforehand. Arrange all the ingredients on the countertop before you start baking.

To measure the dry and wet ingredients correctly, you can use a digital food weight scale for your convenience.  

Mistake 2: Using the Wrong Pan

Cake pans come in different shapes and sizes. From Bundt pans to loaf pans to square pans, there are a lot of options available for your baking purpose.

However, if you choose a 10-inch pan for a recipe that calls for an 8-inch one, chances are, the texture and the shape of your cake are going to get ruined!

How To Fix It:

Follow the recipe’s instructions carefully to get the best result. If you don’t know what is the size of the pan you have, use a ruler to measure the pan directly across the open end and see if it’s the right one for you.

Mistake 3: Working with a cold oven

The recipe that you are using assumes the cake is going to start baking as soon as it enters the oven. But in reality, that’s not the case at all!

The device requires some heat inside it before you put any food in it. If you put the cake inside a cold oven and then start the baking process, it messes up the entire mechanism of baking and gives a terrible result in the end.

How To Fix It:

Before putting the cake inside the oven, always preheat it for the best result. Just start the oven 10 minutes earlier at 350-Degree Fahrenheit and your cake should have a nice time inside it!

Mistake 4: Using Stale Raising Agents

Baking powder and baking soda are the 2 main ingredients of making cakes. They are both chemical leavening agents that help your cake rise properly.

However, these ingredients perform poorly if they go even a little bit stale, which results in your cake not turning out quite right.

How To Fix It:

Purchase baking soda and baking powder from the store and put labels on both of their containers. The label should have the date of your purchase on it.

As these ingredients have a shelf-life of 6 months, you should replace whatever’s left when that time is over.

Mistake 5: Wrapping Up Too Early

If you wrap up a cake before it has cooled down completely, it ends up having a sticky surface on the top. When this happens, the sticky cake becomes really hard to frost properly.

How To Fix It:

Wait patiently until the cake has completely cooled down. You can use a wire rack to speed up the cooling process for your convenience.

Mistake 6: Wrong Batter Consistency

The look and the feel of your cake batter will tell you a lot of things!

Suppose, your cake dough has an odd texture (e.g. it’s runny/stiff/lumpy), chances are, you have not used the correct amount of flour in the batter.

How To Fix It:

Read the recipe and measure the right amount of flour before putting it in the cake batter. Also, it’s a good practice to sift your flour before preparing your cake for baking.

Mistake 7: Trusting the Oven Too Much

You can’t just leave it up to the oven to do all things by itself!

Ovens are electronic devices that can set timers and alert you when the cake is supposed to be done. But in reality, baking depends on a lot of other factors like humidity, temperature, altitude, etc.

How To Fix It:

Before taking your cake out of the oven, you should check to see if your cake is done properly. Use a toothpick to poke a hole inside the cake. If it comes out clean, your cake is done.

Mistake 8: Overfilling The Baking Tin

If you fill your cake tin all the way to the top, chances are, it’s going to make a mess by overflowing in the oven! Instead of worrying about the pan, you will require to focus more on cleaning the oven in that case.

How To Fix It:

A baking pan should only be 2/3rd full when you put it inside the oven. If you have filled the pan with too much batter, use a spatula to remove the excess amount.

You can also use a baking sheet under the cake pan to save your oven from such incidents.

Mistake 9: Using The Wrong Rack Of The Oven

Depending on how big your oven is, there might be multiple racks in your oven. However, not all racks are capable of baking your cakes uniformly. Putting cakes in the wrong rack may result in unevenly cooked cakes.

How To Fix It:

Always put your cake tin in the middle rack of the oven. Still, if there are some burnt spots on the cake after finishing baking, you can fix it with the help of frosting. The burnt portions need to be cut off before applying the icing on them.

Mistake 10: Being Too Curious!

Even baking requires even temperature and it is a must for baking perfect cakes!

Opening the oven door before the cake is done is a common mistake most people make.

In this process, the oven loses some heat which causes uneven baking. Being curious and doing this repeatedly often leads to undesirable results.

How To Fix It:

Check the minimum time required to get the baking done properly. Open the door at that specified time and stick a toothpick inside. If the toothpick comes out clean and dry, the baking is done.

Mistake 11: Using Cold Ingredients

Eggs are used to add volume and fluffiness to cakes.

However, putting cold eggs right out of the fridge will make the cake crammed with ingredients and look deflated at the same time.

Cold butter will also curdle instead of making cream with this egg. As a result, the final cake will be rough in texture.

How To Fix It:

Baking a cake is often about following the recipe and planning beforehand. Butter and eggs should be taken out of the fridge well ahead of time.

Make sure all the ingredients come to room temperature before preparing your cake for baking.

Mistake 12: Not Letting The Cake Cool Before Icing

Cooling the cake properly is very important. If the cake is left on the pan to cool on its own, it makes the bottom part of the cake sticky.

As time progresses more moisture gathers around the bottom part of the cake and creates a messy situation.

Trying to add frosting on hot cakes is another bad idea as the frosting will melt on the cake in no time.

How To Fix It:

You should let the cake cool off on a cooling rack. The Pan should be left on the rack for about 15 minutes before it can be separated from the cake.

The whole cooling process can take more time than the actual baking itself, so please have the patience for that!

Mistake 13: Overmixing the ingredients

If a cake looks more like a pancake than an actual cake most of the time it is due to over mixing the batter.

It will make the cake more condensed and harder in texture. Mixing the batter longer than the right duration results in producing glutens.

How To Fix It:

It is important to know how to mix the batter properly. It is more about time and less about mixing. In every baking, the right amount of mixing is needed. Practice and having a feel about it are the best way to do it.

Mistake 14: Not Preparing Your Pan First

The most common and amateur mistake we make when baking a cake is not preparing the pan.

In this case no matter how much we keep our fingers crossed cakes never fail to leave a chunk on the pan. It completely makes a mess out of the bottom part of the cake.

How To Fix It:

Greasing is the easiest way to prepare the pan before baking a cake. It is done by applying butter all over the surface and then sprinkling flour over it. Parchment paper is also an easy and more preferable alternative.

Final Words

So, these were the common mistakes to avoid when baking a cake. However, even with all these tips, you might still end up with a flawed cake!

Baking is a skill that requires patience and practice. If you follow the correct recipe, avoid common mistakes and pay attention to detail, you will be able to make cakes just like the professional bakers do!

Hopefully, our article has helped you gain more confidence in your baking skill so that you can have fun while working at the same time!

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