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Easy Lemon Garnish Ideas – Top 3 Ideas & Design to Decorate the Dish

(Hint: All you need is a knife and a cutting board!!!!!)

There is a myth I often hear…….

Amaze your family or guests need the high level of your cooking & decorating skill!

Absolutely Not!

With some ingredients, you can make the dish presentable just like a chef.

Such as- LEMON!

You’ll amaze to see how simple lemon garnish ideas can make a huge difference in your table.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Let me show you some of the awesome hacks of lemon decoration ideas & my favorite Lemon crown Garnish.

But the Big Question- Is Lemon a Garnish?

Typically, Lime garnishes are used to enhance the overall appearance and appeal to different food dishes.

According to a study in Bars across the USA, “Lemon garnishes are familiar as popular idea for any dish, especially with drinks to increase its taste and appearance.

If you want to know and try different lemon garnish designs to give your home-cooked meal a professional touch, then you are at the right place.

You will find different forms of lemon garnishes, including slices, wheels, wedges, and peels.

Apart from lemon, what is the most common garnish?

Typically, people use basil, parsley, rosemary, and thyme to garnish a dish. Also, you can use other ingredients like orange, lime, and lemon for this purpose.

Why is lemon a garnish?

Various reasons work behind the use of lemon to garnish a dish. Such as-

  • Lemon comes with vibrant colour, which enhances the beauty of the dish.
  • Lemon increases the aroma of your platter’s fruits.

Top 3 Lemon Garnish Ideas & Design to Decorate the Dish Like a Chef

No matter whether its dessert, fish, and cocktails, lemon garnish goes with everything.

Although you try hard to increase the taste of the dishes………….


If you decorate, hopefully, it’ll become so something special. So, let’s see how to use lemon to garnish dishes.

#1 Lemon to Garnish Fish

Lemon works well to garnish a fish dish. But first, you should know how to cut lemon garnish.

  • First, you need to take a lemon and cut a slice under the lemon to stabilize.
  • Now, locate the center of the lemon and make 2 incisions for the handle. Then cut a small triangle and again cut the second bigger one.
  • After that, follow the same process and make the same cut on the other side.
  • Next, locate the flesh under the handle and then remove it.
  • After removing, you can manage some room, so take a small bouquet of tarragon, parsley, etc and insert it in that empty area.
  • Hopefully, you like this garnish idea, so use it to decorate your seafood dishes.

#2 Lemon Garnish for Dessert & Cake

Who else loves lemon tarts like me?

Lemon & dessert- perfect combination!

It’s simple yet gorgeous. With some simple techniques, you can make your lemon garnish pie look colorful.

Candid lemon slices are dipped in sugars and dried. It can be used to garnish or have them as snacks. Let’s see how to make candid lemon slices.

  • Firstly, slice the lemon into a thin piece with a sharp knife.
  • Blanching the lemons in the sugar water is not necessary. But you can blanch the slices to remove the bitter taste and soften the layers.
  • Now, this is boiling time and you need to boil the thin lemon slices into the sugar water. Also, make sure to choose a wider pot. So, the slices will be more exposed to the syrup and will be more efficient. Keep them in the pot until they become transparent or glassy.
  • Finally, take them out and dry them in a convection oven at 200 °F for an hour. After that, let them cool down.

#3 Lemon Garnish Cocktail/Drinks

Wanna give a refreshing flavor on your drinks?

Hopefully, lemon will help you in this arena. Here are 2 different methods on how you can garnish your drink with lemon.

1st method:

  • First, you need to take a sharp Y peeler and give a firm press. Note: Be careful while cutting because it is sharp enough to injure you.
  • After cutting, hopefully,, you won’t see a lot of pitch on the peel. If the peel has more pith, the drink will become bitter. Make sure the peel is too floppy.
  • Now, to express the oil, you need to give the peel a bit of squeeze. All the oil will go straight into the drink. However, if you keep that peel rustic, you can throw that in the drink.
  • Another way to decorate is to twist the peel a little bit; then, it will look a little bit more elegant.

2nd method

  • First, you need to trim around the lemon. While cutting, you should try to keep the peel a consistent width.
  • Then, neaten up the edges simply and you need to keep the lines straight and nice. Now, cut the ends of both angles. If the peel is too thick, you can trim it to make it thin.
  • Finally, twist that peel simply over the top and place it on the drink.

My Favorite: Lemon Crown Garnish (Kinda Lemon Peel Garnish)

Cutting a lemon-like crown will uplift your dishes. But first, make sure you know how do you cut lime garnish.

  • Firstly, take a lemon and a sharp knife.
  • Now massage the lemon gently using your palm for some time. Take the knife and locate the center to make small incisions like 45-degree angles that meet each other all the way around the lemon.
  • Once you finish the cutting, the lemon will come apart easily. Now, cut the edge of both parts.

How do You Dry Lemons for Garnish?

Unlike the fresh lemon, you can use the dry lemon to increase the beauty of your dishes. Here is the process of drying the lemon for garnish.

  • First, take a fresh lemon and slice it evenly. Try to ensure the lemon is sliced within ⅛” to ¼” thick.
  • Now, take a parchment paper-lined baking sheet or a baking sheet and place it on a cooling rack. Then, place the slice of lemon on that sheet.
  • Next, you need to bake that in the oven until it becomes completely dry. Hopefully, it will dry within 4 to 5 hours.

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