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7 Different Types of Garnish (Plus 25 Food Garnish Ideas)

Sometimes, we usually underestimate the fact of garnishing on our dinner table. That’s a great mistake for a number of reasons. I love to garnish the food before serving it because it makes it more appealing to the eye and increases the taste and flavor of the food.

Garnishing is not something that only increases the visual appearance of the dish, but it also has to add some magic to the taste of the food. So, here I come up with some different types and ideas of garnishing, which will help you to make your dish more appealing and flavored.

Definition of Garnish

Garnish is a substance that is used to decorate the dish and also enhances the flavor. Some people take it as the thing which only gives rise to beauty, not tastes.

Sometimes they don’t even use edible items for the garnishing. But in my opinion, it should be edible and power up the flavor.

Advantages of Garnish:

As I discussed earlier, garnishing is not only for decoration, but it has many benefits. However, before going to the types of garnishing, let’s get into its advantages.

Nutritional Benefit:

Clever cooks know that wisely choosing garnishing material will be a good energy source, consequently increasing your body’s nutrients. Like, you can add almonds, peanuts, walnuts, or other nutrient-rich items to your food, especially desserts.

Visually Appealing:

How we present the dish is as essential as a flavor because before we taste the plate, our eyes already judge the food, whether we eat it or not? Moreover, by adding some colors or designs, you can make your dish more appealing to others.

Increase Flavor:

The factor of garnishing also considers the taste despite the decoration. It makes the dish tastier and flavorful, like adding the lemon with BBQ fish will enhance the taste and make it look appealing.

Identification of a Dish:

Garnishing can also help you identify the food, especially when you wonder whether this orange soup is pumpkin or carrot soup. In that case, some pieces of pumpkin or carrot will get you out of the riddle.

Are There any Disadvantages of Garnish?

Although, you may wonder whether there will be any disadvantage of the garnishing. However, in my opinion, there is no disadvantage of garnishing unless you are doing well. It will not sound good if you are not doing proper garnishing, like fruits over grilled fish or vegetables over deserts.

7 different types of garnish:

Mainly, you can use various ingredients for garnishing, but they should be healthy with good taste. So, look at these types of garnishes which are not only tasty but also healthy.

1. Fruits and Vegetables:

One of the basics to decide whether basic ingredients for garnishing are vegetables and fruits. Lime, lemon, grapes, radish, and berries are usually used for this purpose. Furthermore, you can use them as wedges, slices or can cut into shapes. They will add vibrant colors to your dishes.

2. Sauces and Syrups:

Mainly tomato, mustard, chocolate, and berries sauces are used with the various types of dishes, including steaks, fries, desserts, etc. These give a unique taste to the particular food.

3. Edible Flowers:

Among the different types of flowers, some are edible, like jasmines, dandelion, etc., and give particular color and flavor to your dishes. They are specially used for garnishing desserts,

4. Leaves and herbs:

The combination of color, taste, and health comes with these types of garnishing. Like thyme, parsley, basil, etc., give color and flavor to the food.

5. Greens and Roots:

Sometimes, we need a thing that fills the space of the platters and gives some unique taste. Then, these greens and seeds come and complete the look. Mostly are spring greens, spinach, endive, etc.

6. Purees:

If you want a moist and vibrant look, then purees like tomato puree, apple puree, etc., are best for your dish. They give a unique color and taste.

7. Dry Fruits:

The healthiest choice for garnishing will be dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc. Additionally, they add exceptional taste to your food and give you many health benefits.

How to Garnish Food?

Garnishing can be confusing for someone who doesn’t know how to garnish. However, it is not as tricky as it looks; you just have to develop a good idea. These are some techniques that you can follow.

  • Try to use edible ingredients in your garnish because it is a matter of looks and taste.
  • It would be best if you decided either this meal needs a strong-flavored garnish or the bland one. If the food has a complex flavor, then you should choose no flavored garnish.
  • Contrasting color is a good idea for perfect garnishing. You can also look into a combination of different colors.
  • Arrange the light and dark garnish ingredients in the perfect place, making the colors visible.

What are the Garnishing Tools?

Tools have a lot of importance no matter if you are building a house or garnishing a platter. Garnishes make the food more appealing and tasty, but if it is not correct, it will ruin all your work.

So, tools are necessary; either you want to peel the tomato or grate the citrus. However, veggie peeler, zester, channel life, melon baller, butter curler, tournee knife are standard tools for garnishing.

25 Garnishing Food Presentation Ideas

Until now, you probably know the benefits and importance of garnishing and will not overlook it.

Here, I will introduce you to some ideas that will help you embellish all of your dishes. Either they are for dinner or a party, you can make an attractive look for them. Let’s get into it.

Vegetable Fried Rice with Half- Fried Egg and Tomato Puree:

Vegetable fried rice is ordinary for breakfast. Probably, you are bored with this dish and don’t even want to serve it to anyone.

But if you put the half-fried egg over it and tomato puree spread on it, you will love it. If you are a chilly lover, you can also add chillily. These white, yellow, red colors will make it look fantastic.

Croutons and Fresh Parsley:

If your soup has a pretty bitter taste, you should consider something that has a crunchy and buttery flavor to lighten it.

So, you can add some pieces of croutons with the garnished parsley. It will not only make a beautiful color difference but also make it tastier.

Berliners with the Chocolate Sauce and Sprinkled Sugar:

Berliners are tasty-filled donuts, but they don’t look appealing by visual judging. Moreover, you can sprinkle some powdered sugar and garnish it with chocolate sauce to look more attractive.

The white and brown colors will make an excellent color combination. However, this white color doesn’t have its sharp taste and is added with various desserts.

Cheese Garnish and Tomato Puree:

Cheese can come to many dishes giving a rich taste. But if the combination of garnish cheese and tomato puree is poured over the pasta with capsicum and meat, it will provide a good flavor and colors to the dish.

However, pasta is something that gives a different taste with an extra garnish.

Garnished Lemon with Oysters:

However, Oysters are the star of the dinner menu. If you place them on the table, there will be no need to ask someone to eat.

But it has a black, greyish appearance, which looks dull. So, you don’t have to leave it like that, and you can add some lemon wedges to give the yellow color with that grey one.

Roasted Chicken with Cranberry and Lemon:

Do you like roasted food? Many people love roasted meat or chicken for dinner. You can also add it to your party menu, but that single color makes your platter unappetizing.

To overcome it, you can add the red-colored fresh cranberry with the lemon sparkles. Additionally, any herb with it will also do the work.

Pork Rib with Teriyaki Sauce:

A juicy pork rib will add an exceptional taste to your dinner, but it will be less flavorful with one brown pork on the whole plate. In that case, some softly cut vegetables and the teriyaki sauce designed on the scale artfully will do your work. Hence, it will give the chef a look at your dish.

Parsley and Cream:

The soups are usually so common now, even they have become part of the dinner menu nowadays. But soups at the party can sound dull.

So, you have to do something to make it a special dish for your guests. Hence, you can make a beautiful design of cream, and a sprig of parsley in the mid will complete the look.

Tacos with Black Beans and Creamy Avocado:

You want some healthy dinner, and think about tacos. It will surely be unappealing to you, but this same thing stuffed with crispy red onion, smoky courgette, creamy avocado, and black beans will make it tasty and appealing to you. However, it will be a lot healthier than any fast food.

Soft Salmon with the Creamy Waffle:

You have arranged a party and want to give your guests some appetizers. In that case, you can make a mild fish like salmon, but something additional can make it delicious.

For that, you can take the waffle with the cream and salmon over it. This creamy texture with the hard waffle will give a unique taste to your salmon.

Cumin-Crusted Chicken with Almonds and Salad:

Chicken is something that everyone loves to eat. But if this crusted chicken is with the small almonds, onion, and tomato over the green parsley, it will look a lot tastier. If you put it in your party dinner, then it will be a great idea.

Lemon Slices:

You will make a cocktail for your guests or cook BBQ fish; the lemon slices will be with you. You are hopefully thinking of giving a good impression to your guests, for that you can cut some lemon slices and garnish them on the glasses of your drinks or on the fish you made. It will look good and give flavor to your food.

Baked Sausages with Corn and Tomato:

Sausages are a good appetizer for the party night, but they will indeed look alone. If you put some circular pieces of the corn and tomato flowers, the yellow and red color with sausage makes the platter more attractive. Your guests will love to eat this dish.

Thai Veg Flower Garnish:

The flowers will look beautiful in all styles and make your food appealing. Thai veg carving is famous and going to be expected nowadays. It may require little art but can make each dish look fantastic.

However, it will be the best idea for your party. Moreover, you can start carving from a basic flower and can fix it with almost every dish.

Mexican Prawn Soup with Avocado and Coriander:

Prawns are the particular part of the dinner; we can cook it in various styles and serve it with multiple things.

And if you are bored with the typical style prawns, you should try this red prawn soup. It looks fantastic if it is garnished with delicate green avocado pieces and green sprigs of coriander.

Grilled Chicken with Mustard Sauce and French Fries:

Maybe you have eaten grilled chicken many times and tasted it. You want to make your guests happy with it, but it will not look exciting alone.

For that, you can spread some mustard sauce artfully over it and can serve it with the French fries. This saucy taste will be different and appealing.

Brownie Ice-Cream with Chocolate Syrup:

A brownie is quite an old desert, and a single piece of brownie will never look great. If you want an elegant dessert for your guests, then you should try a light warm brownie with the ice cream and chocolate syrup garnish over it.

This desert is now trendy and maybe looks weird to you because of the cold and warm combination, but they both mix and give you a unique taste that you will love.

Edible Flowers on Your Desert:

They are great garnishes because of their vibrant colors. You can put it on any dessert-like cakes, custards, etc. it will make them beautiful and appealing. Like putting light pink-purple flowers over the white cream cake, it can make the cake look complete.

However, these flowers don’t have a sharp taste and can be fitted with any complex taste food.

Turkey Ramen with Broccoli, Onion, and Mushrooms:

Turkish ramen is a pretty colorful dish with meat and vegetables. It has vibrant colors and a light taste.

However, it is already very appealing, but if you are bored with it and want some extras, then you should add some broccoli, onion, and mushrooms over it. Hence, it will give a unique look to this dish.

Chickpea Fritters with Cucumber, Green Chili, and Yogurt:

Are you planning to add chickpea fritters as an appetizer to your party menu? Then, it would help if you did it. You may think these are pretty boring and do not look appealing, you are right.

But you can add some yogurt, green chilies, and cucumber slices over it in a particular manner, and then no one can reject it.

Grilled White Chicken with Salad:

Will you want to find some ways to eat a regular grilled chicken? Then you are in the right place. Grilled chicken can be difficult to eat alone, so you should add some crunchy green beans, green lentils, yogurt, and magnet out.

Then, this fried chicken will become your complete dish which is also appealing.

Wild Rice with Roasted Garlic and Mushroom:

Wild rice is an enriched source of nutrients; maybe you want to eat it but can’t because of its dark light brown shades. Then, try to add some roasted garlic and mushrooms.

This golden color will look good on a brown-black appearance. Furthermore, they will you’re your dish healthier and more delicious.

Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce and Berries:

A cheesecake is usually white and doesn’t taste so special. Either you want to eat by yourself or serve your guests, you can’t like it.

However, adding strawberry syrup and fresh berries over it with the sprig of mint leaves will look tastier and more attractive. It will build your sweet and juicy taste.

White Sauce Macaroni with Beans and Parsley:

The white sauce macaroni has a plain white appearance that looks more attractive by garnishing green peas and parsley leaves over it. It will give perfect color contrast with off-white, green, and brown colors.

Salad Cake:

As you may know, the salad is an essential part of our lunch, dinner or with every meal. It is not a complete dish, but it is something that should be present.

However, many ideas can come into your mind for the salad, but something different is unique. So, you can make a salad cake for your guests and make your party food more appealing.

What is the Difference Between Garnish and Decoration?

Garnish and decoration both are two different terms. However, we can use both to make the food more appealing and attractive. But here is the crucial difference between these two.


Usually, garnishes are some food substances that we use to decorate the food; however, the decoration material is mostly not made up of food and is not edible.


Garnishes enhance the taste and flavor of the food, whereas we do the decorations to increase the looks, not flavor.


Most of the time, decorating material is not edible, so it can be toxic. But garnishes can’t be contaminated.


#1. What is a food presentation called?

Decorating the food, which increases its presentation look and makes it appealing, is called food presentation or garnishing. It catches the eye and appears to be tastier. Additionally, they are selected to enhance the flavor of the particular dish and make the color contrast.

#2. What is the example of garnish?

Garnishing can be of various types, but BBQ prawns with the tomato puree designed on the plate, shredded with the mint leaves and lemon slices at the corner of a container is an excellent example of the garnish.

It makes a pretty good contrast between golden-brown prawns, yellow lemon, red sauce, and green mint leaves. These colors make it more appealing, and tomato with lemon also enhances the taste.

#3. What is the best garnish?

In my opinion, herbs and leaves are the best garnishes. Because they fit with various dishes and form a color contrast with most foods, they have a very light taste and are suitable for rich flavored dishes.

Moreover, the fresh mint leaves, parsley, thyme, etc., can be available anywhere at lower rates.

#4. What are the three roles of garnish?

We do garnishing because there are vital roles behind it. The first one is appearance. Garnishing makes our food look more excellent and appealing. Secondly, it enhances the taste and flavor of the meal.

Lastly, it makes the food more healthy and full of nutrition required for the human body.

#5. How do you garnish?

Firstly, we check the food and come up with the idea according to its taste and looks. If the food has a sharp taste, then the garnishes should have minimum flavor.

And if the food is in one shade, then we select the ingredients that contrast in colors. Furthermore, the combination of two or three garnishes makes a perfect look.

#6. Why do we garnish food?

We garnish the food to enhance the presentation of the food and make the food more appealing. When a person looks at it, the desire to eat it will automatically come into his mind.

And after tasting it, he can’t resist himself to finish it. Conclusively, garnishing has a lot of impact on the food.

#7. What is edible garnish?

As the name says, edible garnishes are the substance that we use to increase the look and taste of the food, and we can also eat it.

Some garnishes are not edible; they are just for décor purposes and quickly picked out of the plate. So, from that, the term edible garnish comes into being.

#8. Is cheese a garnish?

Of course, cheese is a garnish; in fact, a superb garnish. It can be used in a variety of dishes and add taste to them. Most people love the flavor of the cheese. However, some like cheese in every meal of the day; they are cheese lovers.


As I discussed earlier, nothing is more appealing and attractive than garnishing. But it would be best if you considered taste and health benefits before choosing a garnish for your meal. These are a lot of ideas above, but maybe nothing can completely suit your dish.

After knowing the techniques, types, and ideas, you can make the right combination of garnishes for your particular dish. Believe me; once you start, you will find it much easier and enjoyable than you thought. Just go and take the first step; it’s fun to do.

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