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Different Cookie Scoop Sizes And Their Uses | A Complete Guide

Making homemade cookies should be the easiest thing in the world.

The recipe is simple, the ingredients are limited. But do you know why it often fails to turn out perfectly?

When the recipe says, “Scoop the dough and drop it onto the baking sheet”, a lot of people tend to use a spoon for measuring the dough instead of a cookie scoop.

The problem with spoon measurement is that it never yields the perfect portion for all pieces. And when you whip up a batch of cookies with unproportioned dough, you get a tray of flawed cookies where some of them are baked while some are not!

Want to make the task of baking a lot easier and have fun while doing so?

Let’s learn about different cookie scoop sizes and their uses so that you know which one to use for making out-of-this-world delicious cookies the next time!

A cookie scoop is a kitchen utensil that helps you measure and transfer batters and dough.

The spring-loaded scoop helps squeeze out even the stickiest dough with ease. Each scoop yields a consistent amount of dough for the entire batch. As a result, you get uniformly shaped cookies that all get to bake evenly at the same time.

Don’t let the name “Cookie Scoop” fool you by any means! Along with scooping cookie doughs, you can also use this utensil for serving ice cream, whipped cream, etc. They are also helpful in making muffins, cupcakes, meatballs as well.

Why Do You Need More Than One Scoop in Your Collection?

There are 13 different sizes of scoops available.


Now we aren’t here telling you that you need all 13 sizes inside your kitchen drawer! But there is a reason why there are so many varied sizes of cookie scoops are available in the market.

The main purpose of a cookie scoop is to proportion the right amount of food. Each of these 13 sizes contains different proportions of food into its scoop. From the smallest, mini size to the biggest one on the chart, each scoop will give you different sized cookies as well as a distinct experience.

Hey! You can collect all the 13 sizes in one go and use them as you want (Nobody has to know you used the biggest scoop when you say you just ate one cookie!). However, if you want to own only the basic ones, we recommend getting #60, #40 and #20 cookie scoops.

Don’t understand the meaning behind these random numbers?

Let’s get you acquainted with the cookie scoop size chart to see what we are talking about!

Scoops come in different sizes as we told you before.

So, each scoop yields a particular amount. Depending on your preference, you can measure the amount in various units.To help you understand easily, each scoop comes with a size number associated with it.

For instance, number #20 on a scoop means that it’s 1 twenty of a quarter (1/20 qt).

Now, thereare 32 fluid ounces in each quart. So, 1/20-quart yields into (1/20×32), which equals 1.6 fluid ounces.Once you know this measurement, you can convert this number to any other units you like such as milliliter or grams.

Getting confused or trying to calculate the appropriate amount for your need?

Since you are here and we love you too much, we are going to do all the math for you in the size chart right below!

Scoop SizeFluid OuncesMillilitersGrams

There you go! With this chart in hand, now you can measure your cookie dough for any volume!

How Many Tablespoons And Cups Is A Scoop?

So far, we have talked about scoop size to fluid ounces, milliliter and gram conversations.

However, if you are into baking, you might encounter terms like “Cups” and “Tablespoons” very often!

The calculation for measuring tablespoons is fairly simple. As there are 64 tablespoons in a quart, you just need to divide 64 by the scoop number to get the desired tablespoons measurement.

For instance,#40 scoop equals 1.6 tablespoons and so on. By combining such 16 tablespoons, you get 1 cup.

Scoop SizeTablespoonsCups

What Size Scoop Do You Use For Cookies?

Off to make a fresh batch of cookies right now?

From the above-mentioned charts, you should have enough ideas to know which scoop size is appropriate for which volume!

Just like always, we LOVE to reward our loyal readers with something super exclusive. And this time we are going to give you an estimate for the finished cookie sizes based on the scoop sizes!

Please keep in mind that the sizes may vary due to dough consistency, ingredients, temperature, thick or light batter/meringue, pan, etc. Here, we are only including the standard scoops that are used for making cookies.

ScoopEstimated Cookie Size (Inches)

1. Cupcake Batter

The general measurement for standard cupcake batter is around 3 tablespoons.

From the tablespoon and cup chart for scoop size, you can see that scoop #20 is perfect for this purpose. You can use this scoop for proportioning the batter into the cupcake liners in the pan. As the scoop maintains a consistent amount of batter, the whole process goes way faster and without spilling a drop as well!

If you want to try mini cupcakes at home, then using 1 tablespoon of batter should be enough for you which is equivalent to #60 scoop. For a bigger-than-average-sized cupcake, #16 scoop is more suitable as it holds almost 4 tablespoons of batter in it.

2. Uniform Meatballs

Making meatballs at home?

Rolling them by hand will take tons of time!

To speed up the whole process, a cookie scoop is a much more practical solution than this. Depending on what size meatballs you are making, you can use an appropriate scoop for shaping the meat into desired sizes. For making BBQ meatballs, we recommend using the #40 scoop to get even-sized meatballs that cook easily.

3. Homemade Crepes

Instead of using measuring cups, you can use cookie scoops for making homemade crepes.

The advantage of using scoops in this situation is that the long handle of the scoop ensures you can conveniently pour the batter without making a mess! Also, each crepe will have the same amount of batter and turn out nicely in the end.

For this purpose, we suggest using #20 or #40 scoop for the best result.

4. Portioning Fillings

Whether you are making a large-scale sloppy joe or just in the mood for a casual tuna salad, you need some sort of utensil for pouring the fillings inside it.

The standard amount for the fillings is a little over 2 tablespoons in this case. So, it’s best to go for #30 scoop size for this purpose.

5. Serving Ice-Cream/Sorbet

Did you know a cookie scoop is actually different than an ice-cream scoop?

Yet, they operate the same way, to be honest!

So, if you don’t already have an ice-cream scoop in your house already, there’s no reason to buy one recently. The number #30 scoop would be perfect for serving ice-cream instead. You can also use this size for serving sorbet if you want.

6. Loaded Mashed Potato Cups


Yes, you can use a cookie scoop for making mashed potatoes as well!

The recipe is named “Loaded Mashed Potato Cups”, where you are required to fill some rolled out dough with mashed potato mixture. In order to do so, you need to measure 1 tablespoon of fillings inside each cup. Here, #60 or #70 would be perfect for this purpose.

Final Words

Among so many great kitchen tools out there, sometimes a cookie scoop often stays forgotten. However, when it comes to baking, this small, yet mighty tool proves its worth by giving you the same size of cupcake, cookie, muffin, etc.

And you know what happens when you get everything in the same size and portion?

Apart from baking evenly, it creates an appealing sight that can satisfy even the most perfectionist’s expectations!

Now that you know about different cookie scoop sizes and their uses, hopefully, you will be able to utilize this handy tool precisely and have an easier time around the kitchen at the same time.

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