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10 Best Water Bottle with Time Markings (Reviews in 2022)

If you’re a health-conscious person, you probably drink a lot of water! Well, how about embellishing the way you take it and add a little bit of motivation to it?

Sounds fantastic…right?

And that’s where you and I basically start searching for the best water bottle with time markings. It comes with time marks for a certain gap. Consequently, the inspirational quotes will push you to achieve your daily water intake goals, easily enough!

With that in mind, we’ve reviewed the top 10 water bottles that come with time markings to keep you motivated and stay hydrated throughout the day!

10 Best Time Marked Water Bottle Reviews

Choosing a water bottle shouldn’t be a tedious job. The whole thing will verily depend on your personal interest. However, we’ve expanded each of these great items with all their exclusive and hidden pros and cons.

So you don’t miss any single key pointers that can play an important role in making a buying decision. If you go through each of these product reviews, we strongly believe you’ll learn something really amazing and unique. So let’s find out together!

1. Venture Pal Large 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle with Time Markings

If you’re at thefitness gym or camping outdoor and wanted to ensure your water intake for the day, this 1 Gallon large-size bottle would be a no-brainer choice!

And you know the best part!

It comes with time markings with great motivational speeches.Consequently, it keeps track of your water intake and gives inspirational reminders to help you stay hydratedday-long. So we count it as a must-have water bottle for fitness-aware people.

We liked the vast collection of distinct colors to pick the best of your interest. Venture Pal store has about 17 different colors to meet a definite desire. Additionally, the transparent plastic body design allows tracking the water level in real-time.

Moreover, the one-click-open cap design gives you a great user experience. And the cap notching ensures it doesn’t touch your face while drinking. Having a leak-proof design, the dust cap would never let dust in.

You’ll stay motivated throughout the day starting from 7 am (GOOD MORNING) to 9 pm (YOU DID IT). Overall, it’ll be a wonderful item that we picked as our best water bottle with time markings target.

However, this might not easily fit your car’s cup holder. But that’s not a very big deal since the focus isn’t really on that and it’s a large-sized bottle.One important note is that it’s only good for daytime workers.

So there’re no nighttime markings at the end of the quotes. Other than that, it’s a great item to purchase!


Down the cap, the mouth opening is pretty convenient for cleaning and the detachable straw makes it even better.You just need to get a bottle cleaner and good to go!

Also, you can put ice cubes or fruits from the mouth opening. Thanks to the sincere engineering the manufacture has made to this product.

We’re extremely obsessed with seeing the inside straw that makes it easy to drink the last portion of water without even tilting.


  • No night-time markings, only for daytime workers

2. Fidus Large 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker

If you want to meet the daily water intake, here’s another large 1-gallon option. This bottle is pretty convenient with its Paracord handle thus easily portable. So it could be a great choice for sportsmen wanted to stay hydrated throughout the day.

The cap has a sealing ring made of silicone. Due to that, it becomes leakproof, subsequently perfect for carrying around easily enough! And the handle adds an extra layer of benefit to its usability.

For the most part, opening the cap is just a click away with a button-release mechanism. So, be ready to get lots of compliments for having a smart water bottle.

Like our first pick above, this supplier also has various distinct color options. You’ll find 12 different variations and one will surely hit your definite desire we believe!

Each bottle measures around 13.4 inches tall and 5.5 inches in width. So it’s definitely a large-capacity container. One of the most satisfying parts is the detachable straw. This makes it easy to drink either sipping or swigging whichever you prefer.

In addition, you can easily clean itonce the straw is removed. It’s made of high-quality transparent plastic material.

You can see through it and track how much is left. Also, you can easily match the water level with the time and the quote. Together it’s a great motivational bottle to help you drink enough water throughout the day.


This bottle has 8 time markings starting from 7 am to 9 pm. However, there’s no marking for night time workers though. So it might only be suitable for day workers.

Considering the great usability, we count it as one of the best and convenient water bottles that come with day time markings.

Besides, the price point is quite satisfying in regards to the water capacity! It takes you into a full cycle without worrying about refilling soon. Consequently, ensuring a good health which is what most of us strive to achieve!


  • Not suitable for night-time workers

3. Elvira Time Marker Water Bottle with Measurements

Elvira’s motivational time marker bottle is very identical to the Venture Pal we’ve looked at earlier in our very first pick. The cap design is very similar to the dust cap and anti-skid handle. So it’s easy to carry around when going outside.

Physically, the bottle measures around 13.8 inches tall and 5.3 inches in width (diameter). And its water capacity is 1 gallon which is similar to two other products we’ve seen up until this point.

You can have 11 color options to choose from. All of these great products are made of BPA-free high quality food-grade plastic materials. It’s eco-friendly and reusable again and again. That ensures the material is non-toxic and safe for daily drinking.

For all of the above reasons, you’ll always experience healthy drinking each time.

Even better, it could be a great gift to your loved ones to motivate them to stay healthy and hydrate and never forget a challenge.

Considering the size, it’s a great item for those who want to ensure the right water intake of the day. Best of all, it has daytime markings on it scaling the right amount of water for a certain time gap.

Each time level has an exceptionally inspirational quote adjacent to it.

These speeches will motivate you to keep track of your goals and drink enough water. So you’ll hydrate yourself almost without knowing. As a result, you’ll get healthier and released from dehydration problems such as urine infections.


Its overall compact design elevates the ease of portability. Besides, it’s very easy to use with a simple one-click cap opening. You can see the water level through the transparent body. This is how you keep the pace up with timings and get inspired by the quotes.

Another great advantage is the corner drop protection base. Its shock absorption capability helps to prevent any sort of damages. Like other items we’ve seen above, this one also has a detachable straw that allows using with and without it.


  • Only daytime markings

4.Giotto Leakproof BPA Free Drinking Water Bottle with Time Marker

Not able to find a suitable one yet? This might be that 1-gallon size isn’t perfect for everyone. Well, we know the feeling!

Now it’s time to introduce our 4th pick, a 32oz.drinking timed water bottle. This is 4 times smaller than the 1-gallon size. Best of all, Giotto has a wide variety of distinctive color options (17) to meet the demand of various people.

So now you can hydrate yourself in style!

It’s quite amazing and suitable for everyone.The time marking on this item starts from 8am to 7pm with a gap of an hour.

So according to the time markings, it requires 1 refill. That indicates you take 64oz. (2 liters) of water from 8 am to 7 pm. While this is the standard calculation according to the time level of the day, you can refill it as many times as you want.

But the time level might not match correctly then. However, this is not a negative side considering you’re choosing a smaller size other than the larger ones.

The professional and modern design will always bring you lots of compliments from your mates seeing an amazingly smart water bottle at your disposal.

About the physical dimension, it’s about 11.4 inches tall and 3 inches in width (diameter). It’s made of BPA free non-toxic plastic material. So it doesn’t produce odor and is reusable for a long time.


Its sturdy and precise construction makes it leak-proof. So you don’t have to worry about water dripping even if it’s lying in your bag. Consequently, it is best for outdoor enthusiasts or fitness trainees at the gym.

Hence, the carrying strap elevates the portability way further. You can hang it on your wrist, hold it, or carry however it feels good to you!Like others, this one also has a removable straw. So you can use it according to your preference.


  • 32oz. capacity might not be suitable for everyone

5. Fidus Large Half Gallon Motivational Time Marked Water Bottle

This size is perfect for anyone looking for a medium-size time marked water bottle with straw. The capacity is about 64 ounces. So it’s neither too big nor too small. It’s just the perfect size that precisely ensures your regular water intake for the body.

You can easily carry it outdoor when jogging and walking or even going to the gym. Hence, the convenient strap comes in quite handy. It’s strong and precisely made to provide a great user experience.

Well, you don’t like the color of the bottle in the picture above?

It’s just one of the 12 more distinctive and gorgeous color options the supplier has in stock. So they’ll definitely not let you go for not having the perfect color you like!

Something will grab your attention for sure!And it’ll certainly fulfill your definite desire of carrying a high-quality and smart water bottle.

About the time marker and inspirational phrases, it’s identical to our 1st and 2nd products. The bottle is made from BPA free food grade plastic material. Provided you’ll get an eco-friendly option that’s reusable again and again.

The non-toxic compounds make it safe for drinking from it. You won’t experience any odor thus stay healthy and confident all day long!

The physical dimension is about 11.8 x 4.3 inches. And the curved body design gives you a firm grip when drinking. Interestingly, you can track the level of water through the transparent plastic body. Besides, it has a sipping straw like others.


The straw will help you drink without tilting or lifting up.Additionally, the wide mouth opening allows for easy cleaning when the straw is removed.It takes ice cubes or fruits in easily enough.

One of the most amazing features is the one-click open mechanism. No matter whether it’s left or right hand, you can open unlock and open the cap by simply clicking on the button. And drink conveniently to stay hydrated and ensure good health.


  • Only have day time markings

6. Hydracy BPA Free Water Bottle with Time Marks

Carrying a 1-gallon bottle isn’t always convenient. Hence, this 1 liter water bottle with time markings could be a great alternative for you! Best of all, you can get both 32oz. and 17oz. sizes together at a 20% discount.

Hydracy store has a handful of distinct colors for you to choose from. And we made our choice to review this Moonlight Green version.

All of their great items are made from high quality plastic material.The overall design is so husky ensuring aleak proof construction. You can run or walk holding it in your hands. Or, perhaps put it into your travel bag without worrying about dripping.

As per our intention, this product comes with time markings. It starts from 8am to 12pm at one fill. And you can count from 2pm to 6pm with another refill. So that’s ensuring nearly 2 liters of water intake in a day.

That’s said, it only works for day time workers.

Another caveat is that it doesn’t have motivational quotes with the markings.However, the minimalist smart time marks already look so inspirational.

You can track and hydrate yourself accordingly. In that sense, it’s more geared towards self-motivated sportsmen or gym trainees who are just looking for a scaling water bottle to help them hydrate properly in time…on time!

Its flip flop lid is easy to open. Moreover, the wide mount opening ensures enough room for easy clean-up. The fruit infuser comes quite useful for adding extra flavor. And overall it seemed to us a great value for the money!


You can hold or hang it on your wrist using the strong and durable strap. Even better, the strap can be removed in case you think it’s not going with your style.

If you want to know one unique feature about this bottle, we’d say it’s the sleeve guard that takes the chance of condensation to almost zero percent.

Due to that, it’s safe to put ice cubes in and put the bottle in your bag. No need to worry about sweating, just keep moving!


  • No motivational quotes on the body

7. Motivational Reusable Water Bottles with Time Marker

This is another lightweight motivational water bottle that keeps your hydration on track. It’s reusable and perfect for your busy life at the gym, office, or wherever!

The capacity is about 1 liter, designed to be taken with you anywhere. However, it doesn’t include a strap for easy carrying. This could be a huge lacking for somebody while some people would find it best and matching with their style.

So make your choice!

About the appearance, we picked the clear/white transparent version.

You’ll find two more variations; pink gold and black.Head this warning, the lid has to screw up like a normal bottle.It doesn’t offer one-click open like what we’ve seen on a few other models above.

Also, the time marking is identical to the Hydracy water bottle. It starts from 8am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm in two cycles. These reminders will help you track your hydration and drink enough throughout the day.

So you can achieve the goal of your routine water intake like clockwork!

However, there’s no inspirational quote along with the time marks and it seemed to us pretty flat yet slick modern.One more important note is that the bottle opening might not be that much convenient when cleaning.

Besides, it doesn’t include sipping straw. So you have to tilt it and drink from the opening like a glass. However, if you consider the price over its quality and usability, it would definitely be a great purchase we believe!


The physical dimension is about 11 inches tall and 1.4 inches in width (diameter). For the most part, it easily fits in your bike’s or car’scup holder.

Significantly, these bottles are made of non-toxic BPA-free materials. As a result, you can reuse it again and again. There won’t be any issues of odor and has a lifetime warranty of the products.

Its unique top lid is made of aluminum with a nice gold finish. Consequently, it looks so amazing and professional. The inner threads are machined precisely to ensure easy and snug screw-up. No need to worry about spilling thus prevents messes.


  • No straw for drinking without tilting

8. Venture 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker

Again, it’s Venture Pal with another great large 1-gallon motivational water bottle. This is truly a great product for its ease of portability and use.

It’s made of BPA free food-grade plastic. So it’s eco-friendly and reusable again and again. Consequently, it’s odorless and hygienic for your daily drinking.

You’ll get 12 different color options to match a definite desire. These bottles are made so husky with a built-in durable handle. Besides, you’ll get a durable and strong detachable carry strap. Even better, the precise construction ensures a leak proof seal.

For all these reasons, it’s super easy to carry around.

The physical dimension is 11.4 inches tall and 6.3 inches in diameter width. That’s clearly a large size that isn’t going to fit your car’s cup holder for sure.

What grabbed our mind first were the provided interchangeable lids. These are 100% leakproof and super handy to give you a flexible drinking option.

One has straw lid features for those who want to drink sipping since it’s a large container. The other one is a flip fop lid for those who want to drink from the opening directly.Moreover, its transparent plastic body lets you see how much is left.

And with more water capacity, you can ensure your daily drinking goals easily.

Not to forget that it’s the perfect bottle for those with a fitness goal, muscle building, controlling appetite, weight losing, or any health-conscious individual.


The time marks and phrases are identical to the other Venture Pal product. It starts at 7am and ends up at 9pm. In that sense, it clearly beats the two immediate products (above) without inspirational quotes on them.

So this will be a great kit to keep you motivated and hydrated throughout the day.

Despite the durable construction of the lid compartments, it’s made so easy to open for everyone. Once you detach it, you can give your bottle a thorough cleaning. Overall, considering all its incredible features, it’s a great bang for the buck!


  • Can’t expect to fit in your car’s cup holder

9. BPA Free Reusable Large Water Bottle with Time Marker

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who frequently goes on running, biking, or on a physical workout, this 1-gallon bottle could be another life-saver!

The time marking is so fun and engaging to push you to achieve the goal and feel relaxed. It starts from 8am and goes all the way to 8pm.

So it’s 12 hours to finish 128 ounces of water intake for the day. Obviously, it’s not convenient if you’re working in night shift. In that case, we thought it would be a great idea to write your working time beside the quotes using a permanent ink marker pen.

According to the daytime markings already there, put a 2 hours gap or customize it as you needed. And woah…you’re good to go!

To ease the portability, it has two great options like the previous Venture Pal product. Number one is the strong nylon carry strap. Then, number two is the built-in dinger grip handle. Both of these come quite handy in order to increase portability.

However, this bottle only has one lid. There’s no additional flip flop lid like what we found with the Venture Palproduct above.

Another notable feature is the pitch-perfect lid setting. It ensures a leak proof seal that keeps you free from worrying about dripping even if the bottle is tilted. Yet still, it’s easy to open and perform easy cleaning.

You can put in ice cubes or fruits through the wide mount opening. That way, adding some flavors if essential.


This is a bit modern and gorgeous looking with the two white stripes on top and bottom of the inspirational quotes. You’ll get a handful of distinct colors to find the best of what you like. They are made of high-quality BPA free materials.

Consequently, it’s safe to drink from it and reusable. The odorless material will definitely make it hygienic and feel fresh. Its colorful soft transparent body allows tracking of the water level and matches with the timing.

That way, you can keep track of your hydration and remain healthy.


  • Doesn’t come with flip flop lid

10. BPA Free Large Water Bottle with Motivational Time Marker

Let’s wrap up the list with this magnificent half-gallon bottle by HotFun. With 7am to 9pm time marks and motivational reminders, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a daily water intake goal and stay hydrated.

Apart from this clear plastic version, there’s another green-blue color option available. That one has both straps and handles to elevate its portability. You might also pick it from the same supplier separately.

We picked the clear plastic version to review because it seemed easier to track the water level and notice when it’s time to give the bottle a thorough cleaning.

Moving on, according to the time marks, you’re drinking 2.5L of water in 14 hours. This might not be enough for some people. But for others considering a medium-size bottle to ensure a consistent amount, it’s pretty much perfect for sound health.

The lid opening is made so convenient. It’s machined precisely to create pitch-perfect threads that tightly fit ensuing a leak proof seal. Besides, it’s easy to open yet not like those flip-flop lids that we liked most.

However, there’s no way you can have a straw or the ability to swap the lid. Other than that, we liked its convenient fruit infuser that comes in quite handy. It makes adding your favorite flavor so easy.

The bottle is made of food-grade non-toxic PDTG resin. Consequently, it’s odorless and BPA free which indicates it’s safe to drink from. And its fully functional design will match your hectic lifestyle easily enough!


Whether you’re camping outdoor, taking part in workouts or sports, this easy-to-carry water bottle would be a great choice!

The built-in handgrip handle makes it so easily portable. However, it doesn’t include a carry strap which is clearly a drawback in our opinion.

But it’s still a convenient hygienic 2.5L container for carrying water with you. And we’re not sure if this will fit in your bike holders yet.


  • No straw or interchangeable lids

Buying Guide for Water Bottles with Time Markings

Finding the best water bottle with time markings isn’t really a complex task. However, there’re a few important key considerations that are often left to fall by the wayside, not intentionally but unconsciously!

That’s why we’ve made this segment to help you be aware of these key factors. So you can always have the right choice and never regret the purchase. With that in mind, let’s get to the business –

Water Capacity of the Bottle

This is the very first concern in our opinion. If you want to ensure a daily water intake goal, the bottle should have the capacity to contain the right amount you’ve targeted. The sizes we’ve included on our list are 17, 32, 63, 84, and 128 ounces. So you can always pick one that meets your daily demands.

Convenient Time Markings

Keeping pace with our intention of search, the bottle should have convenient time marks. It should be easy to read and leveled correctly to track your hydration properly. Another thing is that all these bottles on our list have daytime marks.

So they might not serve you well when working in a night shift job.

Also, with added motivational quotes, it’ll be so much fun and engaging. However, some productsdon’t come with motivational quotes. Yet still, they’re high quality products and have a fully functional design. Hence, the choice depends on you.

Lid Design and Construction

Some water bottle lids are flip-flop while others have a normal screw cap. We found the flip-flop lids more convenient and easy to open. It easily opens with just a one-click with a single hand. Consequently, they have a dust prevention cap and leak proof seal.

Expect for the ease of opening, screw lids are also convenient and provides a tight seal. That said, don’t forget to look for a bottle with a straw. This will come in quite handy for sipping, especially 1-gallon sizes are a bit tedious tilting to drink.


Considering you’re mostly carrying the bottle outdoor, it needs to be easily portable. Some of the great items we’ve featured on our list have dual functions. They have a strong carry strap along with a build-in hand grip handle.

While some other items will only have one handle or just the strap. Whichever it is, the functions are made according to the capacity and design of the bottle. So make sure you’re comfortable with the right bottle size and its ease of portability.

Comparison of Water Bottles with Time Markings

NameCapacityMotivational QuotesLid Design
Venture Pal Water Bottle with Time Markings128oz.YesClick to open
Fidus Large Motivational Bottle with Time Marker128oz.YesClick to open
Elvira Motivational Time Marker Water Bottle128oz.YesClick to open
Giotto Drinking Water Bottle with Time Marker32oz.YesClick to open
Fidus Motivational Bottle with Time Marker64oz.YesClick to open
Hydracy BPA Free Water Bottle with Time Marks32oz.NoClick to open
Motivational Reusable Bottles with Times32oz.NoScrew
Venture Pal Large Motivational Water Bottle128oz.YesFlip flop & Straw
BPA Free Reusable Large Motivational Bottle128oz.YesStraw open
BPA Free Large Bottle with Time Marker84oz.YesScrew


#1. How do the time marker water bottles work?

Time marker bottles will have a specific range of time leveled at a certain gap. The plastic transparent body allows seeing the remaining portion. So you start the day by filling the bottle.

And you keep tracking the water level to drink a certain portion within a specific timeline.

The time gap various based on the bottle size and capacity. To give you an idea, it’ll show you a 1-hour time gap to finish a certain portion. Once you finish accordingly, it’s time to get a refill for the next day.

#2. Are plastic bottles safe to drink from?

All our top-picked plastic water bottles are safe to drink from. They are made of food-grade high quality and BPA free plastics. So it’s known to be non-toxic and safe for human health.

However, glass material would be safer if you get a convenient one with time markings. Otherwise, these bottles are perfect since they are safe to use.

#3. Who is the best supplier for water bottles with time marks?

On our list, we’ve featured Venture Pal as the best supplier since the winner product is from them. Also, the 8th pick is from the same manufacturer. They’ve got a large collection with various distinct colors to meet your definite desire.

#4. How much water do I need to drink a day to lose weight?

It might depend on your body capacity and weight. However, as a standard, around 64oz. or 2 liters of water intake in a day would be sufficient for many people. And you should target to drink before meals.

Final Word

All in all, the choice of your best water bottle with time markings will depend mostly on your personal interest. You’ll have to consider the size, style of the markings, portability, design, and most importantly, ease of its use.

The good news here is that all the information is there. It’s not that technical to choose a perfect water bottle if you just pay a little close attention to the specs of a particular product. And hopefully, this exclusive guide has made it way easier now!

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