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7 Best Mini Dishwashers in 2022 (Space Saving, Portable & Compact)

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, dishwashers are a must! However, full-sized dishwashers take up more spaces to install besides they’re costly as well. Another downside is that they aren’t easily portable.

So what’s the alternative, you ask!

Well, with one of the best mini dishwashers we’re about to review today, you can easily get out of the puzzle. They are compact and easily portable, making them perfect for small apartments, dorms, RVs, or boatswhere space is limited.

Also, the price is almost 4 times cheaper. Their less energy consumption technology saves water and electricity making it 70 – 80% more efficient than hand washing your dishes. So why not get yourself a small compact-sized dishwasher?!?!?

7 Best Countertop Mini Dishwashers Reviews

While selecting the products, we tried to make our list suitable for everyone with a handful of different options to choose from. We included dishwashers with 2 to 6 place settings. You can accommodate dish sizes up to 12 inches in diameter.

Besides, various machines come with varying water tank capacities from 5L up to 7.5 liters. So this is going to be a great read for the time!

1. hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Portable Mini Dishwasher

Looking for a portable dishwashing solution for your small kitchen or office? hOmeLabs has the best mini dishwasher to meet your daily demands!

With 6 place setting rack, it’s very compact. Consequently, you can place it on a countertop ormake it your best table top dishwasher for convenient daily use. That’s said, it’s extremely useful if you want to save space or living in a small apartment.

Considering the size, its performance is totally opposite!

You’ll be glad to know that it’s energy star certified. So don’t ever worry about the efficiency of this machine because it ensures optimal use of electricity and water.It uses only about 3.1 gallons of water per wash cycle.

Simply put your dishes inside after using them and let it clean the dirt off.

Once the cleaning is done, you can use the rinse aid dispenser to dry up the dishes, spoons, plates, mug, or whatever you’ve loaded inside. For the most part, there won’t be any streaks on your accessories. Its stainless steel interior is damage-proof as well.

Also, the dispenser has an auto indicator mechanism for the signal of refills. So you would know when to refill and always stay ahead of any occasions.

Best of all, installing this dishwasher takes less effort. The package will have essential kits including a faucet adapter, drain hose, inlet, etc.

All in all, if you’re confined with limited space or wanted to avoid huge kitchen appliances, this mini dishwasher can be a lifesaver!


Physically, it measures about 17.2 x 19.6 x 21.6 inches. There are two different sections the cutlery rack and the basket. You can load onto them in 6 places easily enough! That’s still a large capacity for a small family.

Moreover, the control function is pretty much straightforward. You’ll see indicator lights for various purposes. For starters, this dish washer has 6 wash cycle options. Those include glass, speed, heavy, normal, ECO, and lastly rinse.

That’s how it cleans your dishes on various occasions.


  • We felt like the control panel might not be convenient for some users

2. AIRMSEN Portable Compact Mini Dishwasher

AIRMSEN has another great floor space-saving portable mini dishwasher. With a built-in 5-litter water tank, it’s really a compact-sized product at an affordable price!

You can place it on your kitchen countertop and save room for other appliances. It measures only 18.05 x 16.86 x 16.75 inches respectively in height, width, and depth.

Also, the weight of this mini dishwasher is around 26.46 lbs., making it a lightweight and easily portable option.

Besides, this great table top mini dishwasher saves electricity and water. It has less consumption power, yet comes with effective cleaning technology. You only spent around 0.135-0.439 kWh of electricity per wash cycle.

Also, like the hOmeLabs dishwasher, you only need 3.1 gallons of water per cycle. That’s 80% more efficient than cleaning your dishes manually.

Wondering about its capacity?

Well, you can load your dishes in 4 place-setting. Those spots are the dish rack, cutlery basket, fruit basket, andcup shelf. So yeah, you can even wash and clean fruits for the family. However, the maximum dish size you can fit in is about 12 inches in diameter.

Its five wash cycle makes it a highly flexible and useful washer for a small family. These cycles include glass, baby care, fruit normal, speed.

What grabbed our mind is the transparent double-layer glass door. You can see through what’s happening inside since there’s a built-in lamp inside. And the control panel is so basic for easy operations.

For the most part, the facing touch screen control panel elevates usability.


The heavy-duty steam cleaning mode operates at temperature 167-degree. This will give you deep cleaning to makes those soiled dishes sparkle again!

If it’s placed somewhere near a faucet line, you can hook it up as a water source. However, if that’s not possible, the built-in water tank will still make it usable.

So you can accomplish a variety of daily washing needs effortlessly. Even better, when the machine is running, it produces a noise level of 50.2dB.


  • Little capacity and not good for a large family

3. Aikoper Portable Compact Mini Dishwasher

Whether you’re living in a small apartment or, a student in college dorms, this small portable dishwasher will come in super-duper handy!

It’s extremely compact and saves a lot of space. Additionally, its modern and slick professional design increases the beauty of the surroundings.

Like the AIRMSEN above, it also hasa built-in water tank. But the capacity is a little bit larger which is about 6-litter. However, this machine offers only 3 place-setting. So make sure you check that and match it with your budget as well.

If it’s placed in the kitchen or somewhere near a water source, you can adopt a water hose through the inlet. So you always stay up with a feasible solution to water sources. That’s said, you can use it indoors or even on an RV trip.

More interestingly, this intelligent dishwasher has both auto and manual water refill features. Due to that, it’s highly flexible to place nearly anywhere around.

It has 5 different modes to give your utensils a deep clean. The modes are glass, rapid, fruit, hygiene, and normal. Thanks to therotating spray arms that clean at 360-degree. So the water would flash through each corner ensuring nothing is tough to reach.

The dimension of this product is 17.13×16.54×18.42inches. Also, it weighs only about 41.23 lb. provided you get to simply carry on a boat, RV, or into the cabin.

For the most part, this smart dishwasher features child lock safety which reduces potential danger. This will come in handy when you have young kids that touch almost everything. However, if you’ve forgotten to turn on the child lock, any sudden opening of the door will automatically turn off the machine.


When set to hygiene mode, tough oil stains are thoroughly cleaned with hot water. The temperature reaches up to 162-degree F.

Moreover, its rapid cleaning mode is so satisfying when you’re in rush. It only takes about 26min to wash and 14min to rinse thoroughly.

You’d love to know that it has an auto door opening function. Better still, the perfect air circulation technology improves drying time and efficiency. Plus, there won’t be any odor left once the cleaning is done.


  • Only 3 place setting

4. Aikoper Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher

This Aikoper mini dishwasher is very identical to the other Aikoper machine we looked at above. When you first look at these two machines, the only difference you’ll see is the absence of a transparent glass door.

For this one, it has a color-matching white door that doesn’t allow seeing through. Due to that, it’s a little bit cheaper as well. So if you wanted to save some extra bucks, this can be a great alternative to choose!

It measures 17.13 x 16.54 x 18.42 inches. And the weight is around ‎46.5 pounds, making it easy to move around when you renovate the kitchen. You can place it almost anywhere because of its compact design.

The built-in water tank makes it extremely useful for outdoor. You can refill it manually where there’s no water supply line.

This specific advantage elevates the portability and usability way further. That’s said, make it a dishwasher for small kitchen, garage, RVs, boats, or anywhere you name it where there’s no option for a faucet.

However, if there’s a line for a hose, you can adapt it using the inlet.

Hence, you can utilize the auto-water valve control feature to refill smartly.And the capacity is about 6L like it was on the other dishwasher.

Next up, its effective cleaning mechanism gives you sound flushing with high-pressure washing technology. The spray arms can rotate 360° to cover each and every corner. This ensures your utensils get a perfect clean each time.


You can have 5 different efficient cleaning modes that are fruit, glass, rapid, normal, and lastly hygiene. Each mode has its own features to cover a wide variety of your needs for a better daily cleaning of your tableware.

Better still, the up-facing control panel design gives you more easy control.

One of its intelligent features is the auto dooropening after the wash. Hence, the air circulator motor turns on for better ventilation so any unpleasant smell goes right away!


  • Not suitable for a large family

5. Comfee Mini Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Comfee has another outstanding and attractive mini dishwasher. It’s very compact and lightweight, making it easy to place anywhere around your kitchen. Or, perhaps travel with it on RVs, boats, or camping outdoor.

Like the 3rd product (Aikoper), it has a nice-looking transparent glass door. You can see the real-time cleaning through it.

The built-in 5L capacity tank comes in handy for outdoor uses. So it runs alone without fully depending on a permanent water source.

Best of all, you can refill it manually thus preventing any excess water spillover.

In addition, if you need to set it permanently near the kitchen faucet, there’s an inlet for that. That’s how flexible it’s for both indoor and outdoor uses. However, the hose adapter isn’t included in the package.

Washing programs include fruit, glass, rapid, steam, and normal. The rapid mode will come in super handy when you’re in rush and need to perform a quick utensil wash.

Just ensure you’ve got the standard cleaning detergent for best results. And never use regular dish soap that might eventually decrease the efficiency.

If you have young kids and needing regular hygiene cleaning of dishes and bottles, this countertop dishwasher can be a lifesaver! With a temperature range from 162-192 °F, the steam wash gives you a hygienic deep cleaning of any baby products.

Also, the fruit basket is a great addition to this compact-sized machine. The 360-degree rotating spray arms will ensure no existing dirt and pesticide.


The size is smaller with just 2 place settings. Yet, the capacity is so satisfying for a small family with 2 or 3 members. Consequently, it’s the ideal option for students living in college dorms. With the sturdy and convenient dish and cutlery rack, you can organize your utensils easily enough.

Its insidespace allows adapting dishes up to 10.5 inches in diameter. The place settings can accommodate 30+ tableware items.

Furthermore, water sourcing for this machine is made so convenient and flexible.


  • Only 2 place settings might not be enough for some people

6. Portable Countertop 5 Washing Programs Mini Dishwasher

If you’re a camper or traveler looking for a compact and portable dishwasher, this can be another great choice in our opinion. It gives you a little more room than the previous (Comfee) product we’ve seen above.

For starters, it has 4 place settings to fit in more dishes.

Washing programs include standard, eco,fast, strong, and fruit cleaning. So considering the size, its performance, usability, and flexibility are quite pleasing.

Its unmatched quality design easily saves space, making it ideal for RV campers, boat travelers, dorms, or small houses and apartments.

Best of all, there’s no need to go through a complex installation procedure like what’s required for heavy-duty largesize dishwashers. It’s ready to use by just filling the water tank by hand. However, if you choose to make it automatic, there’s a hose connector for that as well.

Just get an additional hose adapter and connect it to the residential water supply line. And that’s all about the installation of a permanent water source.

You’d love to know that this machine has a cost-saving power consumption technology. It gives you effective washes per cycle using just 5L of water. That’s around 70% more efficient than hand washing your dishes manually.

One major problem with ordinary dishwashers is the bad air circulation.If the ventilation is not well enough, the inside area might hold some bad smells which is kind of too boring. Luckily, you can easily avoid any such issues with this best small dishwasher.


It’s ideal for a small family with 3 to 4 members at maximum. With the fast cleaning mode turned on, you’ll get a quick wash within about 30 minutes.

Having rotating spray arms give you a deep streak-free cleaning of your utensils. The temperature can reach up to 167 °F, provided your tableware gets fresh and hygienic.

The physical dimension of this small table top dishwasher is about 16.7 × 16.6 × 18 inches. That means you can easily adapt in dish sizes up to 12 inches in diameter. Just place them at an angle and good to go!


  • It’s a non-branded item, so we put less trust in it

7. Think Gizmos Portable Mini Compact Countertop Dishwasher

Lastly, we have the best budget dishwasher by Think Gizmos. This product is available at an excellent price. With 5 different effective wash programs and easy to use control panel, this is a no-brainer choice for mini dishwasher lovers!

Physically, it measures around 19.33 x 17.87 x 16.26 inches respectively as height, width, and depth front-wise. Like a few other models we’ve seen up until this point, the door has a transparent glass portion in the center.

So that allows you to look inside through the door.

However, it’s a little heavier with 3 place settings. Yet, it’s still a great compact-sized dishwasher for both indoor users and outdoor travelers. Whether you’re hiking and camping or going on a boat trip, this will come in super-duper handy for sure!

Its effective cleaning cycles include normal, intensive, eco, quick, and glass cleaning. So you can meet the demands for a better deep cleaning of all your utensils. Consequently, when the wash cycle is done, the machine turns on the auto dry cycle.

This feature helps to keep your dishes, pots, cutleries clean, dry, and fresh for a long time. Also, the air refreshing technology of this machine is so effective. Consequently, this helps to improve the drying performance.

So in the end, you’ll have nice, clean, and sparkling tableware asit should be!


What’s more interesting is that it’s ready to use with a built-in 7.5 L water tank.That clearly puts many other models fall behind in the completion of water capacity. That’s said, no heavy pluming is needed to setup.

You just fill it with water and start using it. One of the most satisfying facts about this machine is that it includes mainline adaptors as well. So you can connect to a direct water source like the faucet anytime.

Additionally, the drainage hose will help to configure an easy disposal system.


  • A bit heavier and the noise level is a little higher

Mini Dishwasher Buying Guide

Mini dishwashers are way more convenient for small-scale cleaning needs. You can setup one in your kitchen, garage, dorms, RVs, boats, and whatever!

However, they vary a lot based on their specifications and cleaning programs. With that in mind, finding the best mini dishwasher for your family and outdoor uses can be a little bit tricky. And to make it easier here’s what you should consider;

Place Settings

You’ll find dishwashers on our list with 2 – 6 place settings. The more place settings a machine offers, the more utensils you can accommodate in it. While some of them will have a maximum space of around 12 inches, others can fit in dish sizes up to 10.5 inches in diameter at an angle.


This is critical with heavy and bulkier models. However, all of these mini dishwashers are easy to setup. Even better, they don’t require any heavy plumbing since you can just fill in the water tank and start using it.

When you’re installing a direct water line, just configure the hose adapter and ready to go! That’s a simple DIY work, but if you’re not comfortable with it, hire a pro.

Door Design

While some dishwashers have a transparent glass door, others just don’t. The glass door isn’t really a big deal. It just gives you a little more aesthetics allowing you to see real-time cleaning and observe the whole procedure.

Control Panel

Complex or hard-to-operate machines are really challenging for novices. So if you’re not technical savvy, choose something with a better and effective yet easy to maneuver basic control panel.

On top of that, we prefer button controls if anything is there. This is because the touch controller might not work properly with your dirty hands sometimes. However, touch panels are still awesome and fun if you can use them in the right manner.

Water Tank and Source

You’ll find dishwashers with 5 – 7.5 litter capacity built-in water tanks. This will vary depending on the overall size and item compatibility of the machine. The more utensils it can accommodate inside, the larger the water tank is built for it.

Each wash cycle will consume the full tank. So you’ll have to refill it back. Besides, you can add it to the direct water line through a hose adapter.

Cleaning Modes

Cleaning modes will define the type of cleaning such as normal, intensive, eco, quick, rinse, fruit, and glass cleaning. Each mode has its own features to cover a variety of cleaning needs. Also, the drying mode is turned on automatically after cleaning.

Air Refreshing

Whatever dishwasher you buy, ensure it has air circulation motors and ventilation for refreshing the air. Once the cleaning is done, the door will open and the motor will start refreshing automatically in some machines.

This ensures no bad odor is stored inside. So finally, you get clean, dry, and fresh tableware for real!

7 Mini Dishwasher Comparison Chart

NamePlace SettingsWater Tank CapacityCleaning Modes
hOmeLabsCompact Countertop Dishwasher6N/A6
AIRMSEN Portable Compact Mini Dishwasher45L Built-in5
Aikoper Portable Compact Mini Dishwasher36L Built-in5
Aikoper Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher36L Built-in5
Comfee Mini Portable Dishwasher25L Built-in5
Portable Countertop Dishwasher45L Built-in5
Think Gizmos Portable Compact Dishwasher37.5L Attachment5


#1. Are small dishwashers any good?

Yes, indeed, some high-quality mini dishwashers are highly rated by many consumers. They are energy-saving and up to 80% more efficient than manual dish cleaning. It saves time and gets the job done effectively.

#2. Are counter top dishwashers any good?

Countertop dishwashers are life-saver for when portability and space-saving are your number one concern. The compactness allows you to move around easily. Besides, the built-in water tank makes it highly useful both indoor and outdoor.

And they get the job done perfectly. Besides, the installation is quite simple. Their overall reliability ratings are trusted. However, the noise level and inside space isn’t much convenient like a full-sized dishwasher.

#3. Can countertop dishwashers be built in?

Countertop dishwashers are portable and compact. They don’t offer to be built-in inside the cabinet. Most of them measure around 17 – 20 inches in height. On the other hand, full-sized dishwashers have a standard measure of 35 inches. So the design and dimension don’t accommodate to be built in.

#4. What is the smallest dishwasher on the market?

Comfeeis the smallest dishwasher on the market. With 2 place settings, it’s the most compact option on our list. It comes with a 5L built-in water tank that can be refilled manually. Moreover, you can hook it up with a faucet line through the inlet.

Having a compact design allows you to easily carry around on any outdoor RV or, boat trip. Its transparent glass door makes it easy to observe the real-time cleaning inside.

Check out our full review on Comfee dishwasher above.

#5. Do portable dishwashers use a lot of water?

Based on the space and place settings, a portable dishwasher will use around 5 – 7.5 liters of water per cycle wash. The more spaces a dishwasher has inside, the more utensils can be loaded and the more water it requires.

Yet still, this is around 70 – 80% more efficient than hand washing. So it’s obviously a smart choice than struggling to clean the dishes by hand. Pick your preference and let all the cleaning and drying happen automatically while you enjoy your hobby!

Final Word

Those are some of the best mini dishwashers we picked to inspect for you! Hopefully, we’ve inspired you more and some of your feel a little more confident in picking a suitable product for you.

Remember, that our “buying guide” is extremely helpful when you’re hanging between options. So check those key pointers and decide your work volume and demands.

Hopefully, all those mind-boggling questions will go away. And one of these great and smart devices will bring a healthy lifestyle to you!

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