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Best Double Drawer Dishwasher Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2022

Looking for a dishwasher for your new kitchen? Or, perhaps you need a replacement with a more flexible option to operate efficiently?

Either way, we’ve got some of the best double drawer dishwashers worth buying!

Besides saving your regular expenditure on water and electricity, you’ll get tons of benefits from these extremely useful dishwashers.

You can easily avoid bending over that causes back pain. Consequently, the independent drawers make your daily utensil cleaning more practical and fun. So why not check out our exclusive reviews on a few high-quality models? Let’s see…!

3 Best Two Drawer Dishwashers Reviews

Due to the unavailability in the market, we hardly manage to get some variations. However, we’ve selected the 3 best products that are worth investing in. We’ll give you an extensive review of these great items.

In the end, we’ll add some other alternatives to two door dishwashers. So you can choose to have a high-capacity dishwasher still saving a few extra bucks.

1. Fisher Paykel24” Double Drawer Dishwasher Review

If you want the best double drawer dishwasher, this is our winner pick today!

It can easily be built-in under the cabinet. And the stainless steel outlook will increase the overall aesthetics of your kitchen for sure!

With 14 place settings, this machine is suitable for large families needing a daily deep clean of their utensils. You can fit in more items in separated drawers that make the cleaning more feasible and practical.

So if you’ve no problem with space, this full-size dishwasher can be a great choice!

You get more effective and efficient washing with ease. The machine has 6 washing cycles to meet a variety of your daily tableware cleaning needs. Maximum dish sizes you can adapt are about 12 inches in diameter.

Another great thing about this product is that it has a full console control mode. So you can see and maneuver the functions from the exterior side of the drawers.

Simply load your drawers and get super clean dishes.

Best of all, it runs very quietly so the noise level is hardly noticeable. In that sense, it’s the best 24 inch dishwasher and worth the extra money you invest in!

While we get to research about its consumers, we reported something pretty interesting. Some of them said they needed to use both drawers rarely because of the huge spaces in each drawer. And for the most part, they liked how it helped them loading and cleaning without bending over!


You’d love to know that it has Energy Star, ADA certification. That’s said, this machine will run efficiently balancing an optimum use of power. So you can save more on the regular expenditure on water and electricity.

It consumes the right amount of water per wash cycle. Consequently, that makes it more efficient than hand washing your dishes.

The physical dimension of this dishwasher is about 23.6 x 22.6 x 32.3 inches in width, depth, and height respectively.


  • Not easily portable

2. Fisher Paykel Double Drawer Dishwasher with Recessed Handle in Stainless

If you have been suffering from back pain and bending over is a real challenge, this is another best drawer dishwasher by Fisher Paykel!

Its features and functionalities are pretty much identical to our first model. With that in mind, you’ll have two large capacity drawers to load your dishes into them. They are easy to pull out and close smoothly.

With the top drawer, you can put your dishes effortlessly without bending over too much. What’s more interesting is that you can use either of them individually as needed. So if you’re just 3to4 members but having family visits on a frequent, this is one of the best and most energy-efficient dishwashers we’d recommend!

Besides, you’ll have multiple wash cycle options to choose from. You can wash a variety of utensils from pots, pans, fine glass to tough stained or soiled dishes. And it gives you a fresh and deep clean each time.

However, you can’t expect compactness and portability like mini dishwashers. And it’s not a free-standing model, must be built-in somewhere around the kitchen or anywhere you’d like to install it.

It’s possible to set different wash cycles for each drawer independently. Due to this feature, you can accomplish a variety of cleaning needs in the shortest possible time.


Dishes will remain clean, fresh, and sparkling for a long time.

Most importantly, this dishwasher is highly effective. It’ll utilize the water efficiently and help you end up with a low electricity bill. You’ll get fresh, hygienic, and streak-free excellent cleaning each time.

One of the most attractive parts is that its noise level is very quiet.

Thanks to the intelligent construction with the combination of incredible power and performance. And it’s all worth it in the end!


  • Not a compact size, need to be built-in

3. Fisher Paykel Best 2 Drawer Dishwasher, Built-In

When it comes to washing your dishes, what’s more efficient than having a double-drawer model? With that in mind, Fisher Paykel has this built-in model with a large handlebar for easy opening and closing.

It gives you more space, flexibility, usability, and quality cleaning results.

The stainless steel exterior will surely increase the beauty of your kitchen. Besides, the outer surface is protective against rust and corrosion.

In addition, its overall dimension allows easily installing under your kitchen countertop. It’ll fit in as a standard model. The best thing is that you can use the drawers independently. Set a different cycle program and run them separately as needed.

However, this machine might be well suited for dry powder. And it’ll give your dishes an incredible wash with less than 2 gallons of water per cycle (per drawer).

Best of all, you can load one while the other drawer is in action. With the top drawer, you can load without much bending over. This feature comes super-duper handy for those suffering from back pain.

Also, it has 4 adjustable legs for a snug fit and quick installation. However, we learned that it’s mostly meant for pros. So unless you’ve got the right tools and have that handy feeling, we don’t suggest you attempt to install.

If you do, this might turn into a mess and damage your expensive kitchen appliance.


With fully integrated control, you can achieve efficient cleaning of your tableware. It has 14 place settings to place a variety of loads. What’s more amazing is the 15-wash program that covers a large category of your daily cleaning demands.

From teacups to heavily soiled dishes, nothing is left dirty anymore!

Go ahead and simply load the drawers to do that dirty cleaning job while you enjoy the hobby or spend time with your dearest ones.


  • Not easily portable, or compact

In recent years, with the Corona Pandemic affecting the availability of most kitchen appliances, finding a reliable double drawer dishwasher can be a real hard nut to crack!! However, we’re able to list those 3 top quality products (above) that are readily available in the market. And we assume the usefulness of double drawers is the flexibility, large capacity, energy efficiency, and effectiveness. If you count it all, we’ve two more great products but with a single door system. They have a large capacity and great features to meet your daily demands from all those angles. Besides, they are considerably cheaper. That’s said, let’s hook up with their reviews in the next segment.

Large Capacity Alternative Models to Double Drawer Dishwashers

#1. Danby 18 Inches Built-in Large Capacity Dishwasher

If you’re struggling to find a large capacity double drawer dishwasher, Danby has a great alternative to your search!

It measures about 22.81 x 17.69 x 32.5 inchesin length, width, and height respectively. The capacity is about 18 cubic inches. And it has a full panel control type with a digital display and buttons.

Having this convenient control panel, you can make great use of it. Its scheduled-washing feature comes quite handy for many of its users.

This built-in dishwasher will make up your dream kitchen more practical and life-saving. It has 8 place settings to organize your dishes, pots, pans, mugs, tableware, cutleries, and whatsoever.

Danby has 3 different styles; black, white, and stainless steel. So you can pick your best design to match the decoration of your kitchen.Noise level on this machine is 52 dB. Moreover, the compact 18” size easily saves space and fits in really well.

With 8 place settings, it’s ideal for a family with 4 to 7 members. The silverware basket will fit in more items to initiate a more improved cleaning. Better still, this machine has 6 wash programs that include heavy, rapid, glass, eco, rinse, and normal.

Each cycle has its own features to provide various types of cleaning. For the most part, it has a smart wash system. When set to smart, it’ll automatically detect the amount of dirt and select the best cycle on its own.

Like other high-quality dishwashers, this machine is energy start certified. And it has a low power and water consumption technology.


This machine has 4 temperature settings. It’ll up to 156 °F temperature to sanitize your dishes properly. Considering the temperature, the inner tube won’t get damaged. It’s made of stainless steel to increase durability.

So you’ll get it long-lasting and keep serving you for years to come. Lastly, the noise level is 52 dB ensuring a quiet operation. You won’t feel bothered while working in your kitchen as it keeps working just right beside you.


  • Might require bending over to load your dishes

#2. FRIGIDAIRE FFID2426TD 24” Built-in Dishwasher

We’re about to wrap up our reviews with another great alternative to double drawer dishwashers. And this is the FRIGIDAIRE FFID2426TD 24” built-in dishwasher.

The black stainless steel finish looks really amazing. It gives you a modern look while matching up with most kitchen designs.Consequently, having a large outward handle gives you a convenient opening and closing of the door.

This incredible product has a midline control panel.

When you open the door, all the options will be facing you to provide better and easier control. Then, when you close the door, options are hidden. You’ll like it very much, especially if you have young kids that touch almost everything.

Moving on, the physical dimension is about 25 x 24 x 34.25 inches in length, width, and height. The overall weight of this machine could be around 80 pounds as from the technical details on amazon.

Another great thing is that it has dry heating technology. Once your dishes are cleaned, the machine will initiate drying them up. Consequently, your utensils will remain fresh, hygienic, and sparkling for a long time.

Not to forget about the scheduled feature. You can set it to run after 2, 4, or 6 hours as needed. See that’s how convenient this dishwasher is! All in all, if you look at its cheap price tag, you must say it is all worth it as an alternative!


Its innercapacity is about 14 cubic feet. As for that, this can be an ideal option for a family with more or less 3 – 6 members.

The finish-blade spray arms are highly effective. They can spray the water properly with accurate pressure. Best of all, the smart sensor system detects the operation time to configure how deep the procedure should be.

This ensures no single spot is out of reach, provided your tableware gets a deep and hygienic clean each time!


  • Noise level is a little bit higher (54 dB) than a few other models we’ve seen up until this point

Double Drawer Dishwasher Buying Guide

We guess the Corona Pandemic has highly affected manufactures producing double drawer dishwashers. You also can understand if you take a look into the availability of the products in the market.

However, if you’ve followed our top 3 prefect double drawer dishwashers, hopefully, you can choose the one you liked most. But if you’re still handing between options, we’ll give you a few important factors to read.

And expect that this segment will help you make a more informed purchase. So let’s hook up with that –

Place Settings

Generally, double drawer dishwashers will have more place settings. Our top picks have 14 place settings to load your dishes comfortably. However, having an individual drawer operation setting, you can utilize them separately to save on water and power.


Unlike mini dishwashers, these machines can’t be free-standing. You’ll have to build them in your kitchen. This might sometimes require hiring a professional unless you’re quite handy and have the right tools.

Control Panel

Easy to maneuver control panels are always great for non-techy persons. And the good news is that all our top picks have easy controlling features.

Some of them have digital displays and control buttons to operate. Consequently, built-in panels like the midline control are great for safety.

Drawer Handle Design

The handle plays an important role when it comes to the easy opening and closing of the drawers. We found two types of handles; built-in inward and outward bar.

Both of those types seemed pretty convenient and practical to us.However, you should make a choice based on your preference.

Cycle Options

Like others, double drawer dishwashers also have various cleaning programs. You’ll find 6 to a maximum of 15 wash cycles to cover a variety of cleaning needs.

Also, some of our alternatives have a dish-sensor to auto-detect the suitable cycle for better cleaning.

5 Large Capacity Dishwasher Comparison

NamePlace SettingsControl TypeWash Cycles
Fisher Paykel Double Drawer Dishwasher14Full Console6
Fisher PaykelBest Dishwasher withDrawers14Full Console6
Fisher Paykel Built In Best Dishwasher Integrated14Fully Integrated15
#Danby 18 Inches Built-in Large Capacity Dishwasher8Full Panel6
#FRIGIDAIRE FFID2426TD 24” Built-in Dishwasher14 Cubic Feet CapacityMidline3


#1. Are double drawer dishwashers better?

Generally, they offer the same kind of advantages found on a standard dishwasher. However, with each drawer having the capability to operate individually, you can make use of them more efficiently.

This will give you more flexibility with added technology for low energy consumption.

#2. Who makes a 2 drawer dishwasher?

Fisher Paykel is one of the most renowned brands that make two drawer dishwashers. These great products are highly flexible. They make your daily utensil cleaning more practical and efficient. You can load a drawer while the other one is in action.

#3. What brands make drawer dishwashers?

Some of the drawer dishwasher maker brands are Fisher-Paykel, Kenmore, KitchenAid, and Maytag among others. But we hardly manage to find any available product by other brands. So we only reviewed some of the high-quality products from Fisher-Paykel.

#4. Which brand of dishwasher is the most reliable?

In our opinion, Fisher-Paykel can be a reliable brand of dishwasher. They have been in the industry since 1934. Their high-quality products are sold in around 50 countries. The innovative design and technology with improve and enrich your lives.

#5. How long should dishwashers last?

A conventional dishwasher may last around 10 – 12 years. However, this will verily depend upon the usage frequency. And sometimes, small repairs might extend their longevity while other times, you’ll need a complete replacement.

Final Word

That’s it about our reviews on the top 3 high-quality and the best double drawer dishwashers that are readily available today!

We hope our exclusive reviews and buying guide have made your way a lot easier. And with one of these great products, you’ll surely enrich your lives.

However, if any of the double drawer options aren’t meeting your demands, don’t forget to check out our alternatives. They also have higher dish capacity, ease of use, and enhanced performance. You’ll find them considerably cheaper as well.

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