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Best Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle : Top 10 Picks for 2022

Whether your water bottle is of glass, plastic, or steel, you have to wash it after a specific period. Moreover, cleaning your water bottle can protect you from harmful bacteria. So it’s better to choose one that can quickly and safely wash in your dishwasher.

Furthermore, you may be puzzled by three main types of water bottles, i.e., plastic, glass, or stainless steel; each has its pros and cons.

Likewise, glass water bottles and most plastic water bottles are non-opaque, and you can easily detect any grim or dirt to wash it on time. But a water bottle made up of steel will not give us this opportunity.

However, finding the best dishwasher safe water bottle in all the varieties is not an easy task. So here, I have gathered some of the best pieces, which can help you out.

Comparison Table For Top 10 Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle

ProductDurabilityCapacityUnique factor
Water Bottle with Chug lid XBottle:Durable because of high-quality plasticHigh capacity of about 128ozComparatively more resistant to breakage
Clear Glass Water Bottles Set – 6 PackCrack proof due to the extra thick glassLow capacity of about 16ozLeak Proof due to rubber sealing
Swig Life Stainless Steel Water BottleDurable with triple-insulated technologyLow capacity of about 20ozKeep you eco-friendly
Komax Juice BottlesDurable with good quality glassLow capacity of about 18.5ozDouble lid with leak proof
Sports Water Bottle with StrawHave good durability due to high-quality materialThe moderate capacity of about 28ozTime markers for your good health
VEEFINE Insulated Water BottlesHighly durable because of double-wall insulation Varies incapacity of 20/32/40ozAlways keeps the temperature and taste of your drink.
12 STAIR -10pack plastic bottlesDurable due to high-quality plasticLow capacity of about 16ozA transparent body will help you to detect dust.
EnergyBud 1 Gallon Water Bottle With Straw And HandleHighly durable due to Triton plastic.High capacity of about 128ozIt comes with two extra cleaning brushes.
Contigo Jackson Reusable Water BottleQuick handling and high durabilityThe moderate capacity of about 24ozFashionable and beautiful design
Rolling Sands Sports Water Bottles 6 PackHigh durability with BPA freeLow capacity of about 20ozLogo free so can be used for a team.

Top 10 Best Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle Reviews in 2021

1. XBottle Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle with Chug Lid

Do you want a bottle that can fill up all your needs? Whether you are going hiking or just exercising, you will find it more helpful than any other one. Moreover, according to the owner’s review, it is the best gallon water bottle.

However, its non-opaque property points out any dirt or grime, and you can easily wash it in your dishwasher. Likewise, the water’s temperature does not matter, and it can bear severe cold and heat.

Capacity: When you are going out, the ability of your water bottle is something that matters. But this 1-gallon large water bottle will diminish all your worries.

Time marker: Sometimes, you are facing an unhealthy routine of your water intake. In that case, you should consider taking this type of water bottle, having a time marker to track your water intake.

Durability: Mostly, plastic emits harmful rays when something hot gets to interact with it. But the plastic of this bottle is made up of high-quality Eastman Tritan and BPA-free, so it can easily bear hot water and don’t harm you.

Leak-proof: Rubber inside the cap of the bottle makes it leak proof. Likewise, you don’t have to care about getting your clothes wet while hiking.

Easy to handle: Probably, you are thinking about how to carry it because of its large size. Therefore, the X bottle company had made an ergonomic handle to take it with you quickly.


  • Comparatively more resistant to breakage
  • Provides dishwasher safe washing
  • Durable because of high-quality plastic
  • Can bear hot water


  • It doesn’t have noticeable cons.

2. Clear Glass Dishwasher Safe Water Bottles Set – 6 Pack

Are you a smoothie or juice lover? Then these airtight glass bottles will be perfect for you. Likewise, I also use these water bottles to make smoothies or detox water and save it for a day or two.

Moreover, these are the best BPA-free water bottles and can easily be washable in your dishwasher. However, they are glass bottles, so little care is required while handling them.

Wide Mouth: If your water bottle has a wide mouth, then you will get more ease. Because a wide mouth can be beneficial in many ways, whether you are adding ice cubes in your drink or just pouring a thick smoothie, a wide mouth bottle like this is all you need.

Durability: Normally, a glass bottle can easily break. Therefore, this water bottle is made of extra thick glass to not crack in your bag and is reusable.

Chemicals: Usually, if the water or any liquid remains in the plastic bottle for a pretty long time, then it can emit harmful chemicals. That’s why, to avoid such circumstances, we use glass for making these bottles.

Leak-proof: The rubber insulation inside its cap makes it leak proof. Hence, you can place it in your bag, and it will not spoil your clothes.


  • Easily washable through the dishwasher
  • Leak Proof due to rubber sealing
  • Toxins and BPA free
  • Can bear high cold and hot


  • It is made of glass, so it can break while traveling.

3. Swig Life Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle

Are you looking for a water bottle that can keep the temperature of the drink? Then, you are on the right track. Likewise, its temperature, maintaining quality and size make it the best water bottle for college. Moreover, you can easily wash it in your dishwasher without any hurdles.

Base: You probably hear the sound of placing a steel bottle on the glass table. However, it may irritate you during meetings or lectures. Therefore, the base of the water bottle is made of silicon to keep you away from these hurdles.

Durability: As I discussed above, it’s made up of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about its breakage. Moreover, these types of water bottles can last up to years.

Easy to handle: The unique and slim design makes it fit with cup holders of your vehicles. Furthermore, you can easily carry it with you.

Color variety: Swig life has made this bottle to be capable of all people. No matter your age, you can always pick a beautiful color and design that suits you.

Thermostatic: The exceptional quality that comes with this triple-insulated bottle is the temperature-keeping capacity. Likewise, it can maintain your hot drink for 12 hours and your cold drink for 24 hours.


  • Acceptable to dishwasher
  • Have high thermostatic quality
  • Keep you eco-friendly
  • Durable with triple-insulated technology


  • It’s opaque, so you should be careful when you wash it.

4. Komax Reusable Juice & Smoothie Dishwasher Safe Bottles

Are you someone who always messes up with the glassware? Then, you should go for the plastic ones. Moreover, these plastic bottles have a wide mouth, so best for your smoothies and a variety of juices.

Hence, they are made by Komax, which is a well-known brand in the water bottle market. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about durability and toxicity. However, they can easily be washed by the dishwasher.

Wide mouth: As I discussed above, a bottle with a wide mouth can be helpful in various ways. Likewise, you don’t have to find the ways when pouring thick smoothies or big ice cubes.

Durability: A water bottle with glass can easily break or crack. But the plastic ones are more durable and easy to use. Furthermore, you can take them everywhere with you.

Straw Availability: Drinking through the straw is more respectful when you are in the office or meeting. That’s why Komax has made it a two lid water bottle so that you can drink in your style.

Leak-proof: The two lid water bottle with the rubber sealing is always leakproof and doesn’t cause you any trouble.

Freezer safe: A cold-bearing water bottle can be beneficial for you. Moreover, you can always freeze your drinks and can enjoy the cool beverages.


  • Double lid with leak proof
  • Provides safe washing with dishwasher
  • Perfect for your smoothies and beverages


  • Only have the 18.5 oz. Capacity, so not for extensive use.

5. Sports Water Dishwasher Safe Bottle with Straw 800ML

The water bottle with the 800 ml capacity is perfect for college and gym. Likewise, this bottle also has a straw, so if you are looking for a plastic straw, this is perfect for you. No matter if you are taking water or a smoothie with you, it will fulfill your needs.

However, it is the best water bottle with time markings, which keep you on track to a healthy life with proper water intake.

Durable: Plastic bottles are usually more durable than glass ones. Moreover, these bottles are made up of high-quality plastic, which can not break easily.

A good gift: A water bottle with a water straw can be a good gift for children and beloved ones. Additionally, the water capacity is also enough for one person’s temporary need.

Capacity Markers: When you want to get your water intake on track, these markers are beneficial for you. Additionally, they deal with your daily water intake, and you can get the estimate to maintain your health.

Easy to Handle: As you know, they are in perfect size with a slim body. Therefore, you can carry it in the cupboards of your vehicle or can just hang it with your bags.


  • Time markers for your good health
  • Reusable and safe to wash in a dishwasher
  • Have good durability due to high-quality material


  • It can only take 28 OZ of water

6. VEEFINE Insulated Water Bottles Wide Mouth 20/32/40oz Dishwasher Safe

If you are living in an extremely cold or hot environment, then a stainless steel insulated water bottle is something that you will need. Likewise, this VEEFINE water bottle has high thermostatic properties and is available in different sizes according to your need.

However, it is the best half-gallon water bottle that can easily be washable in the dishwasher from the owners’ view.

Leak-proof: The cap of this water bottle is sealed by the rubber and also insulated. Therefore, there is no chance of any leakage.

Thermostatic: A water bottle that will keep your drink’s temperature the same for a long time will be better for you than any other one. That’s why it has double-wall insulation, which keeps the temperature the same.

Durable: Stainless steel is always more durable than glass or plastic. Moreover, this bottle is made of high-quality 18/8 stainless steel, which will not break for a long duration.

Wide mouth: A water bottle with a big opening can assist you while you are adding ice cubes or other thick drinks. Therefore, you can get this bottle because of this purpose.

No flavor is changing: Sometimes, when you use steel water bottles, it can change the taste of your drink. But there is no such case here, and you will always get the same taste.


  • Wide opening with great benefits
  • Always keeps the temperature and taste of your drink
  • Highly durable because of double-wall insulation


  • It doesn’t have any prior cons

7. 12 STAIR – Reusable Bottles with Caps Dishwasher Safe Grade BPA Free

Are you finding a lightweight school or college bottle? Then look into this pack. It is a good bundle of reusable water bottles, light as a feather, and very easy to handle. Moreover, you can easily wash it in your dishwasher without any hurdles. So, put it in your backpack, and you are good to go.

Leakproof: Do you want a water bottle, which can never leak in your backpack when you go to school or for a trip. Then this is the best choice for you and will never spoil your bag.

BPA-free: Many plastic forms can become harmful to human health, but some are high quality and BPA-free. Likewise, this water bottle is also made of such material and will never harm you.

Reusable: Mostly, plastic bottles are not made for use repeatedly, but it’s different in that case. Moreover, it can get a good life if you handle it with care.

Temperature: This water bottle can bear more hot or cold temperatures and will always remain well. But if you are buying a plastic bottle, it’s better not to pour much hot drink into it.

Durable: Its high-quality plastic will be more resistant to breakage than any other one. Additionally, it will always be better than the glass one in durability.


  • Leakproof with extra filtration lid
  • A transparent body will help you to detect dust
  • Reliable in dishwasher washing


  • The capacity of almost 16oz is less than the other ones.

8. EnergyBud One Gallon Dishwasher Safe BPS & BPA Free Water Bottle

If you are looking for a high-capacity water bottle for your journey or daily routine task, then you should go for this one-gallon water bottle. Additionally, the best thing is that it’s also available with the straw in this large size.

However, it is super good in the dishwasher and doesn’t lead to any problems. Moreover, you can continuously get tracked by its motivational markings.

Capacity: Either you are going for outdoor traveling mug or just want to store your protein shake; this will be very helpful for you because of its 128oz capacity.

Tracking: Are you someone who doesn’t drink water properly and wants your water intake on track? Then, its motivational pursuit is just made for you and will be very beneficial for you.

Healthy drinking: Your water bottle should be away from all the toxic and harmful material. That’s why it is made to be BPA and BPS-free, so you will always remain healthy.

Smell and purity: Some plastics can’t bear the different environmental conditions. Consequently, they can emit harmful smells with the change in the drink’s taste. Thus, EnergyBud has assured us that it will never emit such a lousy odor and will always keep you healthy.

Durability: These water bottles are made of high-grade Tritan plastic, which will not break easily.


  • Applicable for washing in a dishwasher
  • Motivational tracking for your better health
  • It also has two extra cleaning brushes.


  • It can be a little heavy, so handle it with care

9. Contigo Jackson Dishwasher Safe Reusable Water Bottle

If you are looking for a normal-sized and well-designed water bottle, then this is for you. Likewise, it has a fashionable flip top and comes in three beautiful colors. Moreover, you can easily carry this with you while you are going on a trip or college. So, it will become quite handy for you.

However, its transparent plastic will be better for you than the opaque one, and you can easily wash it in your dishwasher.

Environmental friendly: You should always look into something that doesn’t harm our environment. These water bottles are reusable, refillable, and also recyclable. Thus, not going to harm nature in any way.

Handling: Contigo Jackson made this water bottle super handy; even you can drink with your one hand only. Just grab it, flip the cover, drink and go.

Functional: Because of its slim body and wide mouth, you can use it as you want. Either going hiking or riding, you just have to grab it with yourself, and with a wide mouth, you can always avail the benefits.

Easy cleaning: No matter you are washing it with your hand or any dishwasher; you will end up on good cleaning.

Durable: It is reusable and can last long because of high-quality Tritan plastic.


  • Fashionable and beautiful design
  • Easily washable in dishwasher
  • Quick handling and high durability


  • Comparatively, it has less capacity of about 24oz.

10. Rolling Sands Dishwasher Safe Sports Water Bottles

If you are looking for water bottles for your athletic team members or a group, the logo-free, cheap, and healthy water bottles are best. Additionally, these water bottles are best for sports use because of their design and certification.

Moreover, they are reusable and can easily be washed in your dishwasher, so you don’t have to worry about that.

BPA-free: The plastic can become harmful if it is of low quality. Therefore, these water bottles have been made to be anti-toxin and BPA-free, which will keep your drinking healthy.

Durability: High-quality plastic increases the durability and life span of the water bottle. Moreover, it will be break and shatter-resistant.

Usage: These lightweight and durable water bottles will be helpful while you are going to school or just doing yoga in the park.

Logo free: When you want to give water bottles to your office team or the athlete team, its logo-free functionality will benefit you.

Odor: Many low-quality plastic materials emit a terrible smell when interacting with different environments, but this is not going to happen in it.


  • Easily washable in dishwasher
  • Logo free so can be used for a team
  • High durability with BPA free
  • Favorable for both kids and adults


  • It can’t bear too hot a drink

Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle Buying Guide

You may know, the use of water bottles is increasing day by day. No matter if you are playing golf or heading toward your office, a water bottle is something that will always be with you.

That’s why you should know how you can choose the best dishwasher safe tumbler and water bottle because a high-quality water bottle never leads to problems while washing through the dishwasher.

Examine the Material

While choosing the best water bottle for you, you should consider examining the material. Likewise, if you are selecting a steel water bottle, then you must check its quality. It should be 18/8 stainless steel, which is very durable and resist decoloration.

However, if you were going for plastic ones, assure the Tritan Co-Polyester plastic, which is antitoxic and BPA free. Lastly, a glass water bottle should be leakproof and of high quality, because you have to take more care of it than any other one.

Check the Insulation

Before buying a water bottle, checking its insulation ability is essential. Because you probably don’t want to drink your hot tea as the cold one. Generally, sound insulation is double-walled and keeps your hot coffee or cool smoothie the same for a couple of hours.

Moreover, if you find such insulation, then it’s too good. But if not, then do your test and see if it gets your belief or not.

Review the Bottle’s Lid

Your water bottle’s lid will not only be sealed and leakproof, but also it should be according to your use. Likewise, the sealed rubber under the top is a must factor, but you should find ease with this.

Moreover, if you are an athlete or a gym trainer, you want to consume water quickly; it must have a quick opening. However, if you are a straw lover, then you should pick one with the straw.

Check the Size of the Opening:

The best thing I love and must check is its opening. In my opinion, your water bottle should have a vast space, so you can quickly put ice cubes in it, as well as your thick smoothies. Moreover, they are also easy to wash.

However, it would help if you remembered that most wide-opening water bottles don’t fit your car’s cup holders. So, if you want the water bottle of the cup holder size, then don’t forget to pick that.


#1. Are reusable plastic water bottles dishwashers safe?

Yes, you can easily wash your reusable water bottle in the dishwasher, whether it is made of plastic, glass, or steel. But you should consider firstly checking the manual of your water bottle.

However, the aluminum bottles should be washed by hand washing because washing through the dishwasher is not recommended in that case.

#2. Which one is the healthiest water bottle to drink from?

A water bottle made up of good material and resistant to toxicity with BPA-free. But if you want to go for the specific one, you should also check out the motivational tracking like in the 1-gallon water bottle.

In my opinion, it is the healthiest one, because you will not feel the water shortage in it.

#3. Why are metal water bottles not dishwasher safe?

There is no hard rule that metal water bottles are not dishwasher safe. You can say that some are not safe, of low quality, but the good quality ones are safe and don’t cause any problem.

However, it is said that the water bottle should be cleaned by hand because some particles can remain in it, especially in slim and narrow ones.

#4. Are our double-wall water bottles dishwashers safe?

Yes, of course, they are safe. Insulated water bottles are better than any other ones because of their double-wall insulation, which provides thermostatic characteristics to your drinks.

Moreover, these water bottles keep the temperature of your drink for many hours. However, the narrow mouth insulated water bottles should be cleaned by hand for better cleaning.

#5. Can you put a simple modern water bottle in the dishwasher?

You can put your simple water bottle in the dishwasher, but it should be heat resistant. Moreover, water bottles of all kinds should be washed by the hands, because washing through a dishwasher can be improper.

And some food particles may be trapped in it, which can not be visible. You can only feel them when you drink water next time with the weird taste.

Final Word

As you may know, I have reviewed the best dishwasher safe water bottle for you and have also given you the guide for choosing the best. But probably, you are tangled in this variety of plastic, steel, or glass water bottles with different sizes and properties.

So, let’s make it simple by just answering these questions. What is your use of the water bottle?

According to your usage, which type of water bottle do you need? By answering these questions to yourself, you will surely get your best one. Don’t get worried; just think about it a little bit, and you will end up getting the best for yourself.

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