best dishwasher safe coffee travel mug.

Best Dishwasher Safe Coffee Travel Mug in 2022 – Top 7 Picks

Hola, coffee freak……….

No matter whether it’s traveling or cozy home time, if you drink coffee, the last thing you want is to forego your daily caffeine fix.

Enjoy your early cup of coffee while on the road –has another level of charm.

…….but it should be warm.

And, of course, you want it without being wasteful by using a throwaway paper cup. The big problem fixer could be the convenient travel mug.

Indeed, the best dishwasher safe coffee travel mug is an ecologically friendly method for frequent coffee lovers to participate in their favorite beverage.

And there’re tons of other reasons….. why a travel mug is a helpful addition to your backpack that can keep you hydrated (or caffeinated) while on the road. That’s why we evaluated all of the top brands to find the most delicate portable coffee cup for you.

7 Best Dishwasher Safe Coffee Travel Mug (with The Favorite Features of Fabulous Folks)

So, If you’re searching for something that can fit in a regular cup holder but has a modern twist & easy to clean while travelling, we’re here to assist.

Not only dishwasher safe…..These trendy travel cups will keep your coffee and tea hot for a long time and a colder beverage frozen for the same amount of time.

Sounds good? Let’s explore some awesome stuff……

​#1. W&P WP-PMCL-TZBL Dishwasher Safe Travel Mug for Coffee Maker

The smooth sleeve is nice to the touch and comfy on your hands with a warm drink inside.

Apart from the safe dishwasher feature,,,,,,,,,,,, there are other genuine reasons we fall in love with this stuff.

This cup is not insulated, liquids will not cook evenly.

​Color, Style, Design

Look at the color man- A gorgeous WALKING COMPANION!!!!!

…….I know a bit girlish type, but isn’t it super cute?

This is an inside ceramic mug with a soft-touch silicone sleeve to protect it from scratches and spills.

Furthermore, it is available in a delicious color palette, ensuring that your coffee looks as good as it feels at home or on the go. It’s also available in eight different colors!


These twelve-ounce travel mugs are made of porcelain and coated in matt silicone for safety.

They are dishwasher safe and available in a variety of vibrant pastel colors, including Blush and Mint. The reusable cups also have a 4.4-star average score on the W&P website, based on more than Forty reviews.


This cup has a capacity of 16 ounces and is 5.5 x 3.25 x 3.25 inches. So liquids will cool regularly; if you want your drinks piping hot, heat the cup beforehand with hot water.

​Lid Quality

Enjoy clean, easy-drinking that doesn’t leave a metallic aftertaste.

How can you beat it?

Furthermore, this Portable Ceramic Mug includes a BPA-Free Press-Fit Lid. This Lid softly presses into the cup to help prevent spillage – it is meant for gentle travel. And, while the cup is splash-resistant, it is not leak-proof.

​Cleaning Process

As it meant for easy life……..The Porter Cup is designed to enhance the user experience; In the microwave, reheat it prior to leaving.

Then, for a quick clean, hand wash it or put it in the dishwasher. It’s easier than you think.

​Things Really Worth Appreciating About this Mug

  • To clean, utilize warm water and dish soap. So far, no stains or odd scents have appeared.
  • This is light years better than metal cups.
  • It can be microwaved and keeps your drink hot for a little longer than a paper cup.
  • It’s simple to handle because of the rubber lining that covers 3/4 of the ceramic.
  • The Porter is meant to look great while remaining functional and having a quality feel.

A drawback but not flaws

Maybe splash-resistant but I found out not 100% leak-proof, actually. So, if you fast walk or run with this in your hand, you may end up splashing a bit.

My traveling experience with W&P WP-PMCL-TZBL

This mug belonged to a coworker, and it was so adorable that I wanted one for myself. After reading the reviews, I was a little skeptical, but she appeared to enjoy it; as a result, I gave it a go. That’s something I’m pleased I did! I’ve been seeking something similar for a long time.

To be clear, there are a few things that I love.

  • Likewise, the dimensions and feel are comparable to those of a standard coffee cup.
  • Secondly, unlike metal thermoses, it does not alter the taste of my coffee.
  • Plus, it has a pleasant and trendy appearance.

Now let’s see the other side of the coin…..

You probably have also noticed, other reviews have mentioned that the lid does not lock.

This is correct, though it wasn’t a big deal for me.

I also tested it over the sink, and while liquid did come out, it was simply a leak – the top did not fall off or anything.

A secret for better coffee experience:

Heat the unit with hot water first if you really want the coffee piping hot.

Personal Rating: 4.8 out of 5.

#2 Mora Double Wall Dishwasher Safe Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug

Enjoy clean comfy sipping with a Mora Double Travel Mug.

You’ll feel……It even boosts the coffee taste.

Mora Ceramics is a “home ceramics firm that reminds individuals to take a break and focus on self.”

Mora Ceramic is much more than a cup manufacturer. Mora is Latin for “Pause,” It’s a friendly reminder to calm down in our fast-paced world.

Color, Style, Design

Mora Ceramics mugs, which come in six different colors, are eye-catching, relaxing, and fashionable.

Because their glazing is entirely natural, the color will differ depending on the environment. Furthermore, the tumbler’s contemporary, handcrafted appearance adds flair as well as utility.


The double-wall construction keeps your beverage warm while remaining cool to the touch on the exterior. Furthermore, because of the use of Paladin clay, this cup is somewhat more durable and lighter than others in the category.

Mora’s glazing is lead-free, so you won’t have to worry about hazardous chemicals leaking into your morning coffee.


With a capacity of 14 ounces, this mug fits comfortably beneath self-service coffee machines and in-car cupholders. The company created the form to work in an automobile cup holder. Get your favorite 14-ounce beverage and make yourself happy every day.

Lid Quality

Its 2nd generation lid features a 2X thicker silicone grip for added grip. The ring extends to offer a narrower drinking hole, decreasing leakage by 90% when drinking.

Until you rotate the lid open, it will remain closed. In your new vehicle, there will be no more lids that open unintentionally and spill coffee.

​Cleaning Process

It is effortless to clean!

Here is how:

Add baking soda to the interior of your travel cup. Then, slowly pour in warm water until the mixture resembles a paste. Using a bottle brush or sponge, wipe the paste inside of the bottle and also on the lid. Allow it to stand for up to 15 minutes.

And it’s finished!

​My Travel Experience with Mora Ceramic Travel Mug

This cup is both lovely and helpful!

Surprisingly, it kept my hot cocoa hot for an extended period. It is effortless to clean.

Furthermore, the lid disassembles fast and reassembles. The glazing has a pleasant texture. It has a beautiful appearance that will never go out of style thanks to the clean lines.

Not only that, but this is a stunning mug with a beautiful feel to it.

My husband grabbed it up when he saw it on the counter and instantly wanted me to purchase one for him as well!……(Planning to gift it on our next anniversary, do you guys say?)

​Things really worth appreciating about this mug

  • It is somewhat broader at the top, making it suitable for those with large hands.
  • The quality is fantastic, the cover is exceptionally excellent, and there are no leaks.
  • It feels good in your hand, the glaze is smooth, and it’s easy to use.
  • The double-walled structure, together with the cover, keeps beverages hot for at least an hour.
  • You can easily separate the lid for cleaning.

​A drawback but not flaws

After a period of rough usage, the lid may no longer fit firmly and may be readily removed with little effort!

So better, use it with caution!

Personal Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

​#3. Swig Life 18oz Reusable Coffee Cup with Lid- Best Dishwasher Safe Tumbler

Swig Life items are dishwasher safe, essential for people who want to toss them in with the dishes at the end of the day.

The sheer number of color and design possibilities is also a huge draw.

​Color, Style, Design

This mug, which comes in 41 different colors, fits most standard-sized cup holders. Plus, its silicone bottom provides an excellent grip and extra security.

Here’s the thing……..

It also includes a dishwasher-safe non-slip silicone base handle for convenient transport. Furthermore, the printed finish keeps this Swig looking new and makes it dishwasher safe!


Because of its vacuum-sealed copper-coated insulation and double-wall construction, this stainless steel travel mug provides exceptional service!

It has the ability to keep liquids cold for up to 9 hours and heat for up to 3 hours.

And the best part?

The quasi silicone base protects your mugs from falling over or making excessive noise when placed down. The revolutionary SEAL-TITE Tritan lid is BPA-free and spill-resistant once more.


The identical excellent engineering that Swig Life is renowned for is featured in these 18 oz travel coffee cups, but with more extensive and better features.

I know it can feel a little overwhelming……….

Swig Life 18 oz Mugs are the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for the ladies or gentlemen, moms or fathers, professionals or youngsters on your list.

​Lid Quality

This Swig has a slide-closure lid to prevent spills and optimize temperature retention while on the go. When not in use, you may close the straw-friendly aperture with the slider to avoid spillage.

​Cleaning Process

It comes with a detachable slider that snaps back into place after cleaning. Furthermore, you can wash it in the top rack of your dishwasher, and these tall coffee mugs fit the most common automobile cup holders.

​My travel experience with 18oz Swig Life Travel Mug

This one is my 2nd Swig, and I’m in love with it. My first one was a taller tumbler that I used all last year at school. But, I needed something with a lower center of gravity to put on the cart.

Furthermore, this mug surpasses any other double-walled vacuum cup on the market. What distinguishes this mug from others is the focus on quality that Swig has included in its design.

And guess what?

The rigid lid does not leak and remains in place even if the mug is flipped over. The silicone foundation keeps the cup from slipping and doesn’t leave cup marks on my table. Besides, this mug has a nice appearance to it, with a sturdy powder finish.

Things really worth appreciating about this mug

  • The bottom is composed of silicone and will not damage or leave drip stains on your furniture.
  • These mugs are adorable in bright colors and are robust enough to endure a long time.
  • The thicker plastic handles will appeal to you more than the narrower metal ones.
  • It has a quick and straightforward clean-up facility.
  • It features a stainless steel inner liner and a gripper on the bottom to keep it from sliding and to make it pleasant to use.

​A drawback but not a flaw

Although it is a high-quality item, some people complain that it is a little expensive!

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5.

​Are Travel Coffee Mugs Dishwasher Safe?

Who else hates it when travel cup bothering a lot?

None, I guess.

You may be wondering: Are travel mugs dishwashers safe?

Not all of them, but some really have that awesome feature.

You can wash most of your drinkware in the dishwasher, but some items, especially if they’re personalized, may require hand washing. Once again, specific travel cups aren’t dishwasher safe.

So, how can you know if a cup can be washed in the dishwasher?

Indeed, you will see a unique symbol if your cup, bottle, or mug is dishwasher safe.

Where the heck is that symbol?

Take a glance for it on the bottom of your ceramic mugs, or in certain cases, the sides, handle, or inside.

It’s worth noting that the “dishwasher safe” mark may not always appear the same. It might be a dish on a rack, a plate getting wet with water, or anything similar.

No matter how it appears, you should always search for a “dishwasher safe” label. It will help you determine if you can load that ceramic mugs into the dishwashing.

So How to choose a Travel Mug Dishwasher Safe

When looking for the best portable coffee cups, keep the following factors in mind:

​Is the Cup Thermally Insulated?

Insulated portable mugs can keep your beverages hot or cold for considerably longer lengths of time. The interiors of the majority of the market’s top-rated options are composed of steel material or glass.

Some alternatives are also double-insulated, which implies there’s air between both levels of insulation to maintain liquids warm and the mug from overheated.

Style of Lid

Every sip from your travel cup should be seamless and smooth, whether you’re drinking coffee, tea, or water. Hence it is critical to select the best lid style for you.

Push-button lids, flip lids, twist lids, thumb-sliding lids, and straw lids are among the most popular alternatives. Each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Is it OK to Use the Dishwasher to Clean the Cup?

According to Consumer Reports, some travel mugs are built with numerous small, complex components that might be tough to clean around. We understand that you will not want to bother with hand-washing your mug, so consider investing in dishwasher safety.

​Is it Leaking?

Given that they are intended for travel, it was also critical that the cup not leak. We jostled the cups, turned them upside down, and vigorously shaken them to check which ones didn’t leak.

​Check Durability & Ease of Use

Whenever it comes to portable mugs, their dishwasher compatibility varies a lot, and many of them are handwashing only. If you want to put it on the top rack of your dishwasher, you’ll want to hunt for those specific models.

​Price Matters!

The majority of travel mugs are inexpensive and assist clients in saving money. Some cups are less expensive than a bag of coffee beans.

Plastic cups are likely to be an affordable alternative. Stainless steel, glass, and ceramic all cost a little extra. Budget options, on the other hand, can be found both online and in-store.

​Can Insulated Travel Mugs Go in the Dishwasher?

Insulated mugs are frequently made from stainless steel. When it comes to temperature retention, it is the most effective substance, whereas plastic and silicone are the least effective.

And surprisingly, you can use it in a dishwasher because of its outstanding temperature retention capability!

On the contrary, your best and most trusted travel mug may no longer be as airtight after a few challenging dishwashing trips.

What Happens if You Put a Travel Mug in the Dishwasher?

When you frequently use a dishwasher, the insulated airspace that keeps your drinks hot or cold deteriorates, and it may gradually lose effectiveness. So, you need to use a reasonable amount of dishwasher to avoid any difficulties.

Consider the coffee cup’s material and its heat retention capability when purchasing a dishwasher-safe mug.

Its product specifications frequently mention the time it takes a cup to keep beverages hot or cold. However, bear in mind that this number is usually based on the item being warmed or precooled before usage.

[Honorable Mentions]

Here is some travel mug that keeps coffee hot the longest (as well as dishwasher safe) that is best for Long Commutes.

​#1. 20oz Tumbler with Lid Insulated Mug- Spill Proof Coffee Mug

For those seeking inexpensive stainless steel travel cups, this Double Wall Travel Tumbler will be the best bang for the bucks.

While one of the more cheap alternatives, this travel cup will maintain your coffee boiling for almost 6 hours. Consequently, it is ideal if you need a large travel coffee cup because it holds 591ml (20 oz).

What’s else?

The Sivaphe tumblers are sturdy stainless steel with double vacuum insulation and a thermal liner to keep your coffee hot or cold drinks cold.

These adorable stainless steel travel mugs include a straw brush and a stainless steel straw for simple cleaning. You can also wash the tumbler in the dishwasher.

Now come to the main part- LID.

The lids for these insulated travel coffee cups are interchangeable. One of its lids has a large drinking aperture; press down and turn right to drink.

The Sivaphe recyclable coffee mug is tall and thin, making it simple to handle with one hand and fits into most cup holders.

So far, these are excellent for use in the car by both children and adults.


  • The Sivaphe coffee ceramic mugs are constructed of robust, puncture-resistant kitchen-grade stainless steel.
  • This travel mug has a high paint-resistant coating.
  • It can keep drinks hot for six hours and cold for twenty-four hours, which is fantastic!
  • It includes two caps as well as a stainless steel straw.
  • It is well-designed, and you will enjoy the service without worrying about humidity on the outside.


Although the majority of the evaluations were good, I got concerned about its quality construction.

#2. Ceramic coated Travel Mug coffee Tumbler – Dishwasher Safe

Everything you like about your favorite insulated travel cup, but with better flavor.

Yeah, The Taste The Earth Mug is a 20oz dual wall vacuum insulated travel mug & that kind of travel mug everyone dreamt of.

Furthermore, the Taste The Earth ceramic coated tumbler has the appearance and feel of a Yeti tumbler.

Compared to the Bubba, which has a thicker ceramic liner, the ceramic liner is thin and appears to be painted in.

Soooooo cool!

The lid is the finest, and the company improved it in 2020, so it may have improved since then.

The accompanying lid is constructed of shatter-proof, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe plastic. The 100percentage silicone seals prevent spills at bay and create a vacuum to keep items as fresh as possible. Besides, it is narrow enough to fit into most cup holders and keeps beverages hot or cold for hours.

There’s also a friendly miniature 10 oz version that would be ideal for coffee.


  • It has a high boron glass liner, so no plastics or metal will be leaching into your beverages.
  • It’s insulated, so it’ll keep your drink warm or cold all day without leaving a metallic aftertaste.
  • The pricing of this product is relatively low and readily accessible.
  • Anyone searching for a big travel mug with a ceramic interior would love this.
  • The cup is lightweight and straightforward to grasp.


Some users report some flaking of the outer finish. Regardless, the majority of reviews were positive.

#3. VeeFine Travel Coffee Mug 12oz Dishwasher Safe

I could believe it when my BFF said, “This leak-proof travel cup can keep coffee hot for up to seven hours”.

I asked- seriously? You must be kidding.

But later lost on the bet & was in total stunned when I saw it really works 7 hours.

Crazy, isn’t it?

But besides this, the VeeFine Travel 12oz mug is our top pick for a multitude of reasons.

  • It is made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel and has a BPA-free cover to prevent any chemical damage during hydration.
  • The vacuum-insulated tumbler preserves your favorite beverage ice cold or scalding hot for hours.
  • The double-wall structure also eliminates condensation perspiration, which no longer wets your hands.

That’s not all………

Its one-of-a-kind matte Tritan top with the flip lid firmly closes the tumbler, assuring no leaks. Furthermore, the Flip lid opens and closes fast. As a result, you may drink from the tumbler while holding a baby, steering wheel, or shopping paper bag with one hand.

Finally, all VeeFine items, including tumblers and bottles in the store, are dishwasher safe.

So, there will be no more mess to clean up.


  • The flip lid opens and closes rapidly, allowing it to handle a variety of uncomfortable circumstances.
  • It has good durability and is designed for long-term usage.
  • When turned upside down or shaken, it is completely leak-proof.
  • This gadget is easy to use and comfy to grasp, and easily fits in a vehicle’s cup holder.
  • This one has a screw-in style with a silicone seal ring at the top, making it highly secure.


The only issue with this cup is that the cap lacks a vent hole.


I repeat………..

Never applying excessive pressure on it( boz may cause some liquid to escape)

#4 VeeFine Travel Coffee Mug Coffee Tumbler Dishwasher Safe

This mug can withstand a fall and come out undamaged, and it is produced by VeeFine, a well-known maker of outdoor items.

Furthermore, This stainless steel cup is designed to travel long distances—on rafting, camping trips, and other outings. Its convenient handle, on the other hand, is ideal for use at home or in business.

ok so I have observed a few interesting things……..

It is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, which is exceptionally strong and rustproof, and avoids dents produced by falling damage or rust.

Furthermore, the powder coating improves handgrip, and there are no more small beads of dew to damp your hands or car seats.

The sliding lid is constructed of BPA-free Tritan, a safer substance for human health than regular PP plastic. Its double-walled insulated tumbler is also exceptionally engineered to keep drinks ice cold or boiling.

Get tired of scrubbing coffee stains?

Place it on the top rack in your dishwasher, then start it to save ten minutes with the one you love.


  • Its powder-coated surface provides a firmer grip on the hands.
  • The cover fits snugly and will not readily leak.
  • It boasts thick, long-lasting stainless steel walls to keep your beverage hot or cold for as long as you need it.
  • This Veefine features a sliding cover on the top that is easy to operate with one hand.
  • In the dishwasher, it cleans up quickly.


If you use it roughly, the cover may not hold tight enough, and you may easily spill the coffee if you are not cautious.

​So I Guess it’s Time to Say Goodbye!!!!

Whether you’re traveling or hiking, having a dishwasher-safe travel mug will help you enjoy the job drinking moment.

Here is a quick recap: how do you know if a mug is dishwasher safe?

It must be leak-proof, not shatter if dropped, and ergonomic, and easy to grip. Similarly, if it can fit in a regular automobile cup holder, it will get excellent ratings.

The Mora Double Coffee Travel Mug is for the ultimate all-around travel mug. It’s leak-proof, keeps beverages hot or cold for hours, and folds up small enough to fit in your luggage.

The Swig Life 18oz Travel Mug is a less compact but desirable alternative. They’re fashionable, leak-proof, and keep your beverage heated. Pick up a W&P Porter Travel mug if you want a cup with outstanding aesthetics.

Whatever mug you select, make sure you treat it with care. This tool can enhance your leisure time with your favorite drinks after you discover the correct match!

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